Our Extra Curricular Programs:



The benefits of Yoga for children are endless. Introducing the fundamentals of Yoga at an early age enhances flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. 

"M is for Music"


Mrs. Rachelle is a university-trained singer with nearly a decade of teaching experience. She introduces music concepts through singing, rhythm, movement and playing basic instruments centered around a different theme each class. 

Suzie Sunshine


Music is a crucial component of childhood development and education. It effects have been shown to improve language skills, speech, memory, attention, and even understanding of emotion. Through song, dance, and instruments, Suzie Sunshine engages the children in an enthusiastic program.


Animal Ambassadors


The children will receive a monthly visit from 7-8 different animals that will give them the opportunity to hold and learn about live animals while teaching the importance of being gentle and respectful to all living creatures. They will also learn about the animals natural habitats, and captivity. 

FunKey Kids


In a nut shell? Physical education. This program focuses on gross motor development and physical skill sets through the manipulation of various resources. The children are balancing, kicking, jumping, and throwing all while following the rules of the drill and building stamina. 



Mr. McCoy from Classical Martial Arts helps children build confidence, and to be aware of "stranger  danger." Karate helps improve the child's strength and balance. It also teaches breathing and meditation techniques that assist in learning focus. 

Meditating Munchkins


 Opti-Mom Founder, Children's Life Coach, Laurel Crossley has seen a steady increase in her Coaching Practice with children as young as three experiencing stress, anxiety, and excessive worry. Laurel developed Meditating Munchkins to help support children in a gentle, loving way. She has seen astounding, positive behaviour changes in the children who use the meditating process.  

Weekly Cookery


Our student's confidence and sense of accomplishment will flourish in our weekly cookery classes which provide the opportunity for our children to be able to stir, measure, knead, and mix. Our little chefs will be making everything from goop and play-dough to delicious smoothies, to dishes from around the world like latkes for Hanukkah! Bon appetite! 

French Fridays


The children's circle will be focusing on the days of the week, the months of the year, counting, colours, people in our families, and places in our community. They will be reading short stories, poems, and learning simple songs, and games to expose them to the sounds of the French language early on. FANTASTIQUE! 

Movin' & Groovin'


 This is 3 programs in one: yoga kids, stretch and roll, and obstacle free zone. The yoga program: has focused values and is structured to teach the children the important of each value. Stretch and roll teaches the fundamentals of flexibility, balance, and strength, fine and gross-motor proficiency, including manipulative skills. The Obstacle Free Zone is an alternative learning zone, designed for forward thinking. 

The Edible Garden


The garden will be created and maintained by the children. They will be able to explore types of vegetables, fruits or flowers while learning how to nurture and care for their garden. This allows the children to be involved in all aspects of healthy eating, promoting excitement and interest in local foods. 

Seeds of Empathy


Our Senior Preschool program participates in this program that helps to create a closer, more compassionate classroom environment by developing children's emotional literacy. Seeds of Empathy is designed for Early Childhood settings to foster social and emotional competence and early literacy skills and attitudes in children three to five years of age while providing professional development for their educations.