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Brought to us by our in-house Chef EXTRODINAIRE Ms. Alphie!

The Chartwell House Early Learning Centre does NOT serve processed foods.  We serve all homemade natural meals that are prepared on site.  Our chef makes her own tomatoe sauces, banana-avocado breads, chicken breast fingers, muffins etc.  If its on our menu it was HOMEMADE!

A sneak peek at what will be tickling your little ones tastebuds:

B= Continental Breakfast, Milk/Water and Fresh Fruit
L= Homemade Herb Infused Chicken with Rice Noodles and Mixed Vegetables, Milk and Fresh Fruit
S= Homemade Apple Oatmeal Muffins, Milk/Water, Fresh Fruit

B=Vegetable Egg Frittata Muffin Cups, Milk/Water
L=Homemade Crusted Chicken Fingers, Brown Rice and Broccoli, Milk and Fresh Fruit
S=Yogurt with Granola and Fresh Fruit, Milk/Water

B=Whole Wheat Bagels with No-Nut Butter and Bananas (Chickpeabutter), Milk/Water
L=Homemade Vegetable Soup with Quinoa, Toasted Fajita Triangles, Fresh Fruit, Milk/Water
S=Veggie Sticks with Hummus Dip and Whole Wheat Pita Points, Milk/Water

B=Homemade Apple Pancakes and Fresh Fruit.  Milk/Water
L=Pulled BBQ Chicken, Brown Rice with Bok Choy, Nappa Cabbage with Vinaigrette, Fresh Fruit, Milk.
S=Tortilla Chips/Salsa, Fresh Fruit, Milk/Water

B=Homemade Zuccini Bread, Fresh Fruit, Milk/Water
L=Homemade Lemon Herb Sole Fillets with Polenta and Sauteed Veggies, Fresh Fruit, Milk/Water.
S=Homemade Fruit Smoothies, Homemade Cookies and Milk.

OUR MENU CHANGES SEASONALLY and is on a 4 week rotation.  To see more of what Ms. Alphie is serving up, please stop by the school where you can find our posted weekly menus and even speak to Alphie personally about individual dietary restrictions or substitutions.



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