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Welcome to The Chartwell House!
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ImageThe Chartwell House Early Learning Centre
was developed to create a safe, wholesome environment for children to Play, Discover, Learn and Grow.  The Centre has a strong focus on eco-friendliness, community involvement and premium educators.
The Chartwell House is situated on a heritage property dating back to 1890.  The current house was the actual farmhouse of a strawberry farm that now has been transformed into the existing Copeland Crt. community.   The Copeland farmhouse was actually the first house on the road we now refer to as Chartwell Rd.  When we started the project we took into consideration the magnificent history behind the house and tried to stay true to its character and preserve the   house’s overall beauty.   In addition to restoring and preserving the house it self, we did our best to ensure construction was completed with the environment in mind.

Following the guidelines of  The Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) working towards our LEED Canada Certification for New Construction and Major Renovations. Trying to do our part to cooperate with the earth, while still appealing to our need for functionality.  Our flooring where not original is made from Cork, which provides a comfortable surface for children’s activities, in addition to it being the most environmentally and ecologically sound material.  Among other things “green”, our appliances, sinks and toilets, lighting, heating and cooling systems were all selected to ensure energy efficient performance.  Our centre will use environmentally friendly cleaning products, and the majority of our food sources will be organic and local.  In addition to protecting the environment, we have the unique ability to incorporate the outdoors as a main teaching mechanism, due to our large property and rural setting.  This is a fantastic opportunity to inform and engage the children with resources from their natural surroundings. The Chartwell House Early Learning Centre has a strong focus on the community and parent involvement.  Our hope is to not just be a premium childcare facility, but an enjoyed community centre.  Where parents and interested members of the community can take part and make a difference in the development of our children.  We encourage everyone to take part in discussions regarding school policy, child development concerns, as well as curriculum planning and evaluation. Our centre recognizes and supports the needs of well-rounded children.  We believe children have a right to an education that enables them to grow to their fullest potential.  Which is why The Chartwell House has incorporated into its curriculum some non-traditional opportunities, such as scheduled yoga, salsa, gardening, library and cooking classes.  Our extra curricular program will rotate based on your feedback, the children’s preferences and the latest techniques from our ever-changing world.   As our school is primarily based on the Reggio Emilia Approach, the curriculum will be emergent, directed by the interest and involvement of the children.  Thus, curriculum planning and implementation will revolve around open–ended and often long-term projects that are based on the reciprocal nature of teacher-directed and child-initiated activity.   The children and their interests drive an emergent curriculum.  Our teachers are there to introduce ideas to the group and based on their interest and ideas the curriculum will evolve.  Our teachers will ensure that all developmental domains are covered within the curriculum.  Any new units of Inquiry will be added or subtracted based on the interests of our children and their families.  Our educators are to be your partners in the process of learning.  All are required to be ECE, CPR and first aid certified.  Professional development courses will be encouraged and recognized.

Our high expectations for children's academic achievement, the attainment of appropriate social skills and the development of self-assured, confident children make our program highly desirable. Children are enthusiastic about learning and participate in a balanced, multi-sensory curriculum that includes the development of literacy skills, mathematics, science, social studies, art, movement, music and drama. In addition, children continue their French language study by developing strong listening skills, building their vocabularies and formulating short sentences. Computers are used in the classroom to support activities in a variety of areas.

Our kindergarten program may be used either as a transitional kindergarten year for children too young to attend kindergarten, or as a regular kindergarten program for children planning to attend first grade the following year.


Program Goals

  • To develop a positive sense of self in the child
  • To help the child achieve intellectual growth
  • To expand the child’s knowledge of people, experiences, ideas, and things: introduction to social studies and geography
  • To increase competence and skills in language arts: reading, writing, listening, thinking, and speaking
  • To increase competence in mathematics and science
  • To increase physical coordination skills
  • To increase competence in dealing with emotional feelings and social situations
  • To increase competence in self-direction, initiative and independence
  • To develop cooperative trusting relationships and team work
  • To develop the child’s natural curiosity and his/her creative potential



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