Twelve days till SPRING.

Jokes over Mother Nature. We NEED back outdoors, so if you could warm things up even just a little bit, we would all greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, The Chartwell House. PS. Good job on the sunshine though, we will take that!

We were extra happy to see our extra curricular programs visit the House this week. With more than enough energy stored up, we let it all out while singing with Suzie, rolling, balancing, and stretching with Monkeynastix, kicking, dodging and karate-chopping with Mr. McCoy, movin’ and groovin’ with Ms. J, and lucky for us Ms. Rachelle brought the Irish music that charmed us over during ‘M is for Music.’

Since we have been cooped up indoors, it has been a zoo in here, actually more like a jungle…and especially in the Toddler One classroom.

The Todd’s spiked an interest in all animals, and got creative while learning the names, and sounds of each one!

The animals were even invited for some afternoon…tea? Served by the Todder’s themselves while using their hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. march432

And after all that…tea, the animals seemed to have taken a turn for the worst, but with a little help from their friends, they got by.

Once the animals felt better, the Toddler’s invited their Kinder-buddies from across the parking lot to join them for story time. The Senior Preschool class bundled up for the short journey into the Toddler district, and brought along a few of their favourite stories to read to the youngest of the House.

While these two groups got their reading on, the Senior Toddler classroom went green. Why are their hands always sticky? The answer lies below.

Threading: a great way to encourage and build fine-motor skills. – Check!


To develop and build those fine-motor skills you must continue to put them to work. And the Senior Toddler’s did just that as they manipulated the pipe-cleaners bending them to make a rainbow! And using the tongs to transfer items to one bowl to the next.

Encouraging gross-motor skills at anytime of the day is a good idea when stuck inside! Jump, jump, jump!


Let’s jump into what the Preschool class got up to this week…

They worked with paint, exploring and observing what happens when they mix two colours together, and got their Picasso on when putting the paintbrush to paper choosing their colour, and type of brush stroke. They also helped Ms. Marney paint the bulletin board to later hang in the classroom.

Early literacy: is what children know about reading and writing before they can actually read and write. Early literacy skills are the roots of reading success.


This continued in the Senior Preschool classroom…tracing their name, recognizing the letter in their name, and forming different words encourages and inspires reading.

Introducing items that are seen at home, can help children develop self-help skills, such as pouring on their own, or using cutlery properly.

Without even knowing it, colour recognition happens through-out the classroom, when building a tower they name the colour of the block, and while they name the colour, they may count how many blocks they stack on top of one another to build a tower, and then along with colour recognition, comes one on one corresponding as they count the blocks they stack. Learning happens constantly….and it’s happening during play!

The Senior’s joined in on the luck, as they were inspired by Ms. Hillis’ pot of gold art piece and attempted to create their very own…

We’ve come to the end of the rainbow….and you know what’s there? The weekend!

We hope you all enjoy it.

The Chartwell House.

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