January was so yesterday.

You win Winter.

It’s a car, it’s a plane, it’s a train…it’s the focus this week in the Senior Preschool classroom…it’s transportation! That’s right, it was all things that GO GO GO!

Make that 8 for Airplane! 

The decision to practice their cutting skills with scissors, or put the paintbrush to paper was up in the air!

With cars being a close second to the Senior’s favourite type of transportation, Ms. Shannon and Ms. Hillis transformed the block area to a busy highway! And they made a substitution on the paintbrushes, and used cars instead…zooming the cars across the paper to create fast art!

Then they slowed things right down as the Senior’s dug, and dozed through the dirt. sandpit

When they weren’t focused on all things transportation, they used their imagination, and markers to create…

Not pictured are the multiple dance parties the Seniors had to get all the cooped up energy out from being stuck inside yet another week because of Antarctic being outside. They danced to a classroom favourite, “Thunder,” by Imagine Dragons, and of course, “Let it Go,” which should be ‘frozen’ by now, but continues to be a favourite as well. They seem to have only a few go-to songs, but they can dance! And dance they did!

Let’s boogie on over to Preschool….where they kept things pretty cool by adding ice to the sensory bin.

The Preschool teacher’s let the children choose their type of paintbrush, which allowed them to see the different lines that were created, and felt the different textures as the brush hit the paper.

When the children sit down for lunch, the teachers tend to listen and sometimes take part in the conversations that happen around the table. Like Ms. Marney, she listened to her table as they were trying to rhyme words together. And for the most part, they were understanding and rhyming words like “cat,” and “hat.” Ms. Marney used this as a learning moment and gave an example of a rhyme, “there was a rat on the mat.” Her group took it in and then repeated it. And then in response to Ms. Marney, although close, was worth the post…”there was rice…on Ms. Marney’s head.”

We will take things upstairs into the Toddler district where the youngest of the group took care of even younger little ones, working on their self-help skills, washing and changing the babies.

And then you can walk over into the Junior Preschool classroom where things started to cool down…it was all things Arctic and this time it was for the older Toddlers.

They also had free range when it came to putting crayons to taped down paper, putting their fine motor and pincer-grasp to work.


 And before the Ice Age….Dinosaurs?


Speaking of Dinosaurs, Ms, Rachelle from “M is for Music” kept the dinosaur theme going….

It is Friday, and that means FRENCH! Madame S had the children matching the name to the right house pet!

Where there’s a Friday….there’s a weekend close by!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Chartwell House.

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