Anyone else dreaming of a white sand beach?

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Maybe now…

Before the photos come, I will let you get as relaxed as you would on a beach…




Ready? Let’s begin.

The House was busy this week with Suzie bringing that Sunshine, Monkeynastix helping us cure the winter blues and getting that stored energy out, Ms. J got the toddlers up off their feet during Movin’ & Groovin, Mr. McCoy put the Preschoolers into action during Karate, Ms. S brought French to Friday introducing different pets en Francais, and all things were cool and calm when Ms. Sara introduced snow-ga during her Yoga visit.

The Ice Age continued in the Toddler classroom this week, where they’ve been frozen in time exploring all things Arctic related.

They took the car-wash like paintbrush to paper using white paint, spreading the paint across the black construction paper that later turned into Owls!

I don’t know how they do this without laughing the whole time, but they got their palms painted to create more Arctic animals.

And to stick to the Arctic ways, they painted with ice-cubes! The teachers added food-colouring to water then freezing the cubes to create a new way for the children to feel the ice melting against the paper as they created their masterpieces.


It may have been too chilly for the Todds to explore the outdoors, but they did learn all about layering…

The older toddler classroom continued with the layers, as they layered one brick on top of the next, taking a risk each time they stacked another one on top. Risky play builds character!

The curiosity of just how tall they can build towers does not stop as you grow older, the Seniors of the House tested the limits too!

Back in the main house and up the stairs, the Senior Toddlers were also busy painting, and working on that letter recognition as they painted over the first letter of their name.

You are never too young to change your first diaper! Here the Senior Toddlers are working on a few self-help skills using the babies in the dramatic centre to do so. Pulling and sticking the taps of the diaper are working out those fine motor skills too!

I wouldn’t think diaper changing would be a fan favourite in the House, but imitation is a great way for children to learn and so as they observe their teachers they take in what they see and go for it themselves. Preschool joined in on the diaper fad too.


This week in Preschool wasn’t all about the fine motor skills of changing a diaper it was also all about working with loose parts, and the construction it takes to build things and then getting to deconstruct what they built to learn just how things work. Loose parts spike children’s curiosity, imagination, and creativity they allow the child to explore and think independently while carrying, moving, transporting, designing and redesigning over and over again. What may look like a pine tree branch to you, could be a broom, a paint brush, a duster or even a magic wand to a child. The Preschool children let their imaginations run wild this week as the teachers provided different loose parts for them to explore.

What would you make with a cube of clay?


A giraffe you say…okay, we got this!


As we leave Preschool and head into Senior Preschool, we discover that when it’s too cold to go outside, you bring the outdoors inside.

The Seniors like the Toddlers, have been exploring the Arctic and taking polls while they’re at it…name your favourite Arctic animal:

“PB for the win!” – Ms. Shannon

Although the next one didn’t take the cake on the polls, the children did enjoy waddling like penguins across the paper with their bare feet dipped in paint…


When they weren’t using their feet they were using their hands working at the writing station, and painting.

And because photos say a thousand words, I’m going to let the next few photos do the talking…here’s more of what was happening in the Senior Preschool classroom…magnet play, constructing a home for both the fairy’s and for the arctic animals, working with the scale, what weights more? and working our colour recognition too! Busy busy busy!

With the temperatures keeping us indoors more than we’d like, the Seniors and the Toddlers came up with an idea…a book club. The Seniors of the House each choose a book to share with a toddler, and together they look through the pages. Reading buddies!

And my read right now is….the weekend is here!

Stay warm!

The Chartwell House.

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