Snow eh?

Before we dive into what happened at The House this week, I’d like to take a second to thank the Chartwell teachers. It’s not an easy job working with children every day, and when we are stuck inside because it’s too cold to go outside, it does not get any easier, and so I thank you.


Now, well now we can dive in!

When it’s snowing outside, and the temperature has dropped well below zero, it’s no wonder there was an interest in all things Arctic up in the Toddler classroom this week. Penguins, and seals, and polar bears…oh my!

It was a snow-ball of fun in the sensory bin! The little hands molded snowballs with the playdough, and worked those fine-motor skills when dumping, pouring, and scooping with the snow-dough.

Across the way, the older toddlers were working their motor skills just fine too! Rolling the playdough between their fingers, and grasping the tongs to transfer the jewels from one bowl to the next.

Speaking of transferring one thing to the next, working together the senior toddlers built a bridge using the blocks to get them from one side of the classroom to the other side of the classroom.


Not only did they build a bridge together, they created stamp masterpieces together too!


Down the stairs in the Preschool classroom they too were working together, along with a few special guests…where they go, the furry friends follow.

And someone must have said something funny, because it was all smiles at the sensory bin while a few Preschool friends gathered to fill up their cups.


For the Seniors of the House, they have been busy working hard on tracing their names with their pincer-grasps, and focusing hard on learning how to zip up their zippers. They are so close to getting ready for outside all by themselves! Ms. Hillis and Ms. Shannon are quite proud of their little zippers!

Senior Preschool parents, have a look at what is happening in this photo below…


That’s right, they are washing the dishes! Need some extra hands around the kitchen, they’ve got you covered!

The Seniors of the House puzzled, worked on their scissor skills while cutting and pasting, and explored when playing with the zoo animals.

We all may have been stuck indoors for most of the week as temperatures dropped a little too low, but when we were finally able to enjoy some fresh air….we enjoyed some fresh air to the fullest!

We also enjoyed ringing in the New Year with Ms. Rachelle during her visit with “M is for Music!” And we continued to learn about our “famille” with Ms. S. matching the name of our family member in French with the photo!

From our family to yours, we wish you all a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the snow! And stay safe.

The Chartwell House.

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