141 days till Summer!

But today, well today feels like…minus seventeen.

The ground may be frozen, and the air may be crisp and it may be too cold to explore the outdoors, but things at Chartwell were just heating up. Monday: Suzie Sunshine. Tuesday: Monkeynastix. Wednesday: Movin’ and Groovin’ for the Toddlers, and Karate for Preschool. Thursday: Yoga. Friday: French. And you know what else happens on Friday?  We PARTY! Which means we dance, which means it doesn’t matter that it currently feels like Antarctica outside, because inside…like Pete says, “it’s all good!”

We will start this party in the Senior Preschool classroom…

This week the Seniors of the House tackled many different skills including their, matching skills, zipper skills, mixing skills, number and shape skills, writing skills, and more. They worked on their fine-motor skills as they attempted to draw their own shapes. They’ve been working on their penmanship as they traced the letter of their names. They put paintbrush to paper. They’ve been independently attempting to zip their jackets. They explored the deep blue sea as they put on goggles and went scuba-diving through the classroom. And they also really enjoyed watching Ms. Shannon and Ms. Hillis dance to a classroom favourite, “Tooty-Ta.” When it’s too cold to go outside, you do the “Tooty-Ta!”

We will keep this party going as we step into the Preschool classroom, where they were busy playing with the cloud-dough in the sensory bin, creating winter inspired art, concentrating hard as they used scissors to cut along the lines on the paper, and with a spike of interest in horses, they built land for them to roam.

Did the party continue upstairs? You can bet on it, the Junior Preschooler’s did!

Using poker chips, the Juniors of the House worked on their patterning, and colour recognition.

And got their hands into the playdough that Ms. B made!

They used their hand-eye, and fine motor skills to fit the puzzles pieces together, all while learning the different shapes.

The best part about exploring loose parts, and blocks is learning all about what happens when you build a tower too high, or when you push pieces together and they stick, but when you pull them apart, they are no longer together! When you are first learning about these things…it is mind-blowing!

The Juniors were not alone when it came to building towers, the Toddlers took to the blocks too, and built an empire.

The best way for a Toddler to learn is through their senses. And this week, it was all about touch for the Todds.

And my senses….I feel the weekend is here! Enjoy!

The Chartwell House.


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