New Year. Same Blog.

We hope you all enjoyed ringing in the New Year! Here’s to 2019! 

“Another year over, and a new one just begun…”

That’s right, 2018 was so last year, we’ve moved on!  2019 is here and it’s looking bright! Seriously…I’m looking outside the window right now, and the sun is shining!

What else is shining?….your little superstars! And so I won’t keep the spot light any longer, I will let them shine…first up, Toddlers.

It may have been a short week, but the youngest of the House kept busy building towers, creating cities, colouring snowmen, working on their shapes, and taking a closer look at  animal prints while outdoors.

The creative sparks were flying when the Toddlers were given the glue, paint, paper, and more. The three photos pictured below are of three little ones showing off their hand-eye coordination. Look at that form…

It may take the toddler’s some time to gear-up for the cold, but as soon as they take over the outside grounds, they are ready to explore…and this week, they found animal tracks! Lion, tigers, and bears in the backyard? Oh my.

While the youngest explored the outdoors, the Junior Preschool class explored all things indoors.

Filling, pouring, pouring, filling, may sound like it would create a mess, but it’s also another way children develop their fine motor skills, as well as math concepts like less or more. They learn as they pour, or transfer items from one place to another.

They continued their fine-motor skills as they coloured, grasping the crayons with their pincers as well as without knowing it, learning their colours too! They also built with shapes, learning both the angles, and size and how they may fit together like a puzzle.

Does it fly in the sky, run fast on land or swim in the ocean blue? Choose wisely.


I know what moves fast outside on land and snow…Preschool. Preschool moved their classroom beyond walls this week, and enjoyed the crisp air, and fresh coat of snow that layered the yard.

And when inside, they got their hands messy in the sensory bin with the water beads. Again, the children are exploring and learning all about height, weight, less and more while scooping, pouring and filling the different containers with the beads.

The sensory bin adventures continue in the Senior Preschool classroom, where you could find them washing the dinosaurs.


And they brought the loose parts into play, while playing with the different animals, and building their own shapes too.

Well…that shaped up nicely I will finish here. That was this week in photos, stay tuned for next week’s post where we welcome back Suzie, Monkeynastix, Movin’ & Groovin, Karate, and Yoga too! 2019…bring it on!

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