And that’s a wrap!

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It’s hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone and that a New Year is upon us. We here at the House joined in on all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season as we prepared for our Toddler Christmas Around the World Art Show, our two Preschool Holiday Concerts, and a Food Drive. It’s hard not to have December flash before your eyes, but in each classroom we tried to slow things down to take in this special time of year.

From our Holiday inspired programming to our special events, to Suzie Sunshine, Karate, Meditating Munchkins, Yoga, M is for Music, to the animals and to Mama Root, we have captured it all, and so…here is DECEMBER at the House for all to see.

The Toddler classrooms busy at play:


The Preschool children during programming:

And the Seniors of the House, exploring the indoors and out…

Monkeynastix, Yoga, Suzie, Meditating Munchkins, Karate, and M is for Music visit:

From all of us here at The House, we would like to thank those who participated in, and made a donation to our Food Drive! We were very happy to deliver our items to Oakville Fare Share Food Bank again this year, thank you thank you!

We would also like to thank the children and teachers for the hard work and practice they put in for the Art Show, and our two Preschool Concerts – all three events were magical! We hope you all enjoyed each one, as much as we did.

And last but not least, we hope you have a very Happy New Year’s!

Cheers to another great year at The Chartwell House!

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