It’s beginning to feel a lot like Antarctica

With temperatures dropping way below zero this week we can feel winter is just around the corner! So, I hope before you read on you are bundled up, with your feet up, and maybe a hot cocoa in your hand.

Cozy in, and let’s begin….

Up in the toddler district, the little ones kept warm by running off the excess energy they stored up from being indoors and out of the freezer-like temps outdoors during their Monkeynastix visit.

We had Ms. Rachelle, from “M is for Music,” visit this morning who keeps our vocal cords in check, and surprises us with just how high some of our voices can go! With a good ol’ game of musical peek-a-boo, and some dancing too each class were up and down and moving to the sounds.

Madame S paid a visit to each classroom teaching the children the French words for winter clothing, and then having them place those items on Bonhomme.

We also welcomed two new programs to the Toddler’s schedule: Movin’ and Groovin with Ms. J from Mama Root, and the Mother Goose Program with Ms. S.

The Movin’ and Groovin’ program brings three programs in one with yoga, stretch and roll, and an obstacle free zone too! This program will now run bi-weekly on Wednesdays.  This week, Ms. J brought the music and turned it up along with the energy in the room when she got the youngest of the House up off their feet to groove it out.

Ms. S who received her Mother Goose training certificate will bring all the classics to The House, teaching the children nursery rhymes, new stories, and songs too! This program will run opposite weeks of the Movin’ and Groovin’ program on Wednesdays. (A very special thank-you to the Savage Family for the Mother Goose pictured above!)

We will continue in the Toddler district, and check in to see what the youngest of the House were up to…it looks as though they had a ball! Aballoffun

When you look at this photo you see two children playing with the circus balls and a cardboard box to place them in, but there’s more to it…not only are the children working together to put all the balls into the box, they are working on their hand-eye coordination, their fine, and gross motor skills, their counting, and their colour recognition. When they say a photo says a thousand words, this photo also says a lot can be learnt by looking deeper into what the children are doing when they’re seen as just “playing.”

They may be the youngest of the House, but it’s never too early to learn about helping our friends, and learning how to zip up those tricky zippers.


From circus balls, to snow balls let’s venture into the Junior Preschool classroom where snow filled their sensory bins, and snowflakes covered their tables.

From working on zippers, to buttons, the younger ones of the House will be getting ready for outside all by themselves in no time!


It was just snow flakes in Junior Preschool, but it was a complete white out in Preschool.

The Preschool children braved the cold as they packed the perfect snowballs into the water bottle working their fine motor skills with the tongs, or getting the job done a little bit faster with that hand-eye coordination.


With a high interest in how dish-scrubbers feel, the Preschool teachers got creative with what was used as a paint-brush for the children to dip, dab, and scrub across the paper.

The Preschool class may have let it snow, but the Seniors of the House, rocked around the Christmas tree…who said it was too early?

They puzzled, they Lego’ed, they went deep sea fishing…

And they built their own guitars while crafting with Ms. Costa.


The Seniors of The House also practiced both their pincer-grasp, and scissor skills while tracing letters, and cutting along the lines they made on the construction paper.

They all worked hard this week, and now it’s the weekend, which means it’s time to play hard! Enjoy 🙂

The Chartwell House.

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