Trick or treat?

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Sorry for the scare! I just wanted to get your attention, as you are about to embark on some spooky stuff! Scroll down at your own risk…








You, you are brave. Let’s begin…

It was just days before Halloween night, and all through the House, the children were stirring, no one quiet like a mouse. The Senior Preschool classroom prepped their pumpkins, dove into the sensory bin hands first, and very carefully worked their fine-motor skills.

The activity below was as easy as A-B-C…the children worked on their letter recognition as they pushed each letter of the alphabet into the box one at a time, naming each letter as they fit it into place.


And as they recognized and named the number shown, they built a block tower to match that number….one block at a time.


And continued counting, as they sorted the Halloween inspired loose-parts.

We will move into the Preschool classroom where they worked together to season the pumpkin seeds. Each child having a very important role in making delicious baked seeds to later enjoy.

Monsters, skeletons, and pumpkins…OH MY! Halloween was the theme during Preschool arts and crafts…

The Halloween inspired art continued as we moved upstairs into the Junior Preschool classroom where they put paint brush to pumpkin.


It took some extra hand-eye coordination when the Juniors very carefully hammered the golf tees into the pumpkin.

They also got their colouring on as they decorated different masks, and had fun with the playdough too!

We will end the haunted tales in the Toddler classroom where they did a very spooky science experiment, turned the lights out to see the glow-sticks glow, and worked on their sense of touch as they explored the different sensory Ziplocs.

They continued their sensory play while digging and sifting through the sand for “dem bones….” They also sorted and collected all things Halloween….spiders, eyeballs, mice, and more…

With Halloween over, it is time to finally announce the WINNER of the 2018 Chartwell Pumpkin Contest…with four very impressive pumpkins before us….


Only one could win…and that one winner is…..drum roll please….


Pete the Cat!
(Thank you to all of you who took part in the voting!)

Halloween and October have come to an end which means….CHRISTMAS is coming to town!

The Chartwell House.

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