Squash gossip. Lettuce be kind. And turnip because it’s Friday!

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With Halloween on our brains, the House continued to explore all things spooky!

We will have a look inside the Senior Preschool’s haunted classroom where they worked on sorting, matching, letter recognition, fine-motor skills, and more…

They worked hard on matching “dem bones” together, and learnt all about patterning too.

With the paint brush in hand, they also spiced up brown paper bags turning them into pumpkins one stroke at a time.


With the “Five Little Pumpkins,” a big hit the past few days, the Seniors whistled while they worked on their cutting, and pasting skills.

These fine motors skilled were also seen in the Junior Preschool classroom where they used cotton swabs to paint and decorate BATS!


Along with the fine motor skills, the hand-eye coordination was the focus for the children when carefully placing the pipe-cleaners through the small holes of the canister. Pipecleaners

The Juniors also got to use their creative side when designing the faces for the felt pumpkins…


Even during outdoor play you can see learning happening as they sort the colours of the circus balls.


And learnt all about teamwork, aim, and sharing too!

Speaking of teamwork, the youngest of the House worked together to create their classroom Halloween mascot….meet Spidey!


They continued working as a team when creating a small world on the counter top…


They named and sorted their colours too…


And the best part about being a kid is captured below – getting messy and having fun while doing so!


We will leave the mess in Toddlers, and end with the Preschool classroom where it may look like a mess, but it is a loose part master piece! The Preschool children built a tower with blocks, and then continued to build onto the tower using loose parts. They took their time placing the loose parts one at a time on to the blocks, and slowly each child had a very important part in this build.

From loose parts, to the small world table, the Preschool children explored their imagination and creativity while building a farm for the animals.

Organically…we will go from the farm to the plate…at the beginning of the week the interest was in all things relating to the farm, by the end of the week the Preschool children were all about food, taking orders and cooking.

They used some of their cooking materials to work on sorting…handling the tongs to place the jewels into the muffin trays. oct228

To work on their  colour recognition the Preschool children hand picked colourful leaves during outdoor play to sort by colour and then glued them down to make Fall inspired art pieces.

In the photo below you will see different stages of the pincer-grasp while the children worked on their letters, and “scribbles.” Scribbles may not make any sense to an adult. They look like a lot of lines, loops, and squiggles. But these marks are very important to a young child. They are a child’s way of writing their thoughts. Drawing and scribbling are the first steps in using the skills children will need later for writing.


Before we end, we must talk about how Monkeynastix, the Animals, M is for Music and French took place this week at the House.

Here’s a close look at the animals who came to visit this month…

For ‘M is for Music,” this week, Ms. Rachelle went all out for Halloween dressing the part, and singing her part too….hitting the high notes during the House favourite, “Five Little Pumpkins,” and getting the children up off their feet to dance to another classic, “Dem bones!.”


And to end the week, Madame S had the children learning their colours in French as they matched the colours together.

That brings us to the end…we hope you enjoy a weekend spent with your best buds.


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