Just creeping it real till Halloween.


With Halloween around the corner, the House and classrooms have transformed to give off a fright! Enter at your own risk!

Image result for halloween caution tape

We will start with Senior Preschool where I’d beware, most of of their classroom will give you a scare! With a haunted house for dramatic play, fingers, spiders and skeletons hidden in sand for sensory play, and Halloween themed books that give them the spooks!

The Seniors worked on their sorting skills while matching their colours too…


The Seniors also got their imagination going while putting crayon to paper to create their very own monsters.


They also worked on their letter recognition, tracing over letters, and painting with letters too.

From Senior Preschool we will head over to the Preschool classroom where they too were working on their pincer grasp while looking at a beautiful Fall bouquet of flowers to master still art.

They also got their hands sticky while making spider webs using the squeeze bottle to glue the string to the paper.

The Preschool class have also been working on measuring and comparing all the gourds – Using the scale to find out which one is the heaviest, and rolling out the measuring tape to see which gourd is the longest or thickest one. This simple set up helps children learn how to compare items, and communicate their findings. They also took a closer look at those gourds using the magnifying glasses.


With their small world set up covered in spider webs, the children came up with different ways to remove the spiders from their webs.


For their cookery this week, the Preschool class gathered around the tables and helped the teachers make Apple Sauce.

From the delicious smelling apple sauce in Preschool we will head up into the Toddler district where both classes were all about their colours this week. We will start with Junior Preschool where they sorted, matched, and mixed their colours…

The youngest of the House joined in on the colours by sorting their crayons, and stacking their blocks.

The toddlers also got into the Halloween spirit by making spider webs, and Frankenstein’s using their hands which you can see on display in the classroom.

They used tape to make spider webs on the table where they played with their cars, following the lines of the web…


They also worked together outside to collect pinecones for their Fall themed sensory bins.

Just when you were thinking to yourself boy those children keep busy we also added visits this week from Suzie, Mr. McCoy, Yay! and Yoga too!

And last but not least, Madame S continued her French this morning helping the children learn the days of the weeks and the months of the year. oct1528.jpg

La Fin.

We hope you are able to snuggle up in your jammies, and read a good book this weekend, just like we did today for PJ Day!


From us to you, have a very cozy weekend!

The Chartwell House.

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