Fall is Gourdgeous!

It was a short week here at The House, as we all enjoyed an extra day added to our weekend to spend with our loved ones. #Thankful. It may have been a short week, but there was a lot of action with Monkeynastix keeping our Toddlers in shape, Meditating Munchkins keeping the House calm, and ‘M is for Music,’ turning all of us into scarecrows.

First up this week, will be the Junior Preschool class where they made paintings using spray-bottles!

 They got into sensory play with the water-beads, and sand. Using their touch to feel the water-beads slide between their fingers as they moved them around in the zip-lock bag, and then made patterns in the sand perfecting their pincer-grasp.

And while working hard to put the pieces together, they were working on their number recognition which seemed to be as easy as 1,2,3.


From Junior Preschool, to Senior Preschool we will go! The Seniors of the House were busy learning all about Apples this week, as they prepped for the big field-trip to Chudleigh’s.

They worked on their letter recognition while tracing, “A is for Apple.”

They dabbed, and dipped with the apples to make apple prints all over the paper.

They continued to dab, as they dabbed the wine works to decorate their apple cut-out.

When they ran out of apples, they made more using their finger print, adding green and red apples to their apple tree.


Along with Apples, this time of year brings leaves! We went exploring to find leaves to trace over with crayons to see the print of the leave come out before our eyes!

We also collected a few pieces of our pine trees to have a closer look as we added them to water bottles, and then attempted to draw what we saw…

And a special thank you goes to Theo C as we used his Show and Share to explore the different types of leaves, and drew our own too!


From the Senior Preschool we will go into the Preschool classroom, where they kept the Fall theme going and painted their own pumpkins using cotton balls and clothespins.

They baked pumpkins pies…


They also used the measuring tape to find out just how big gourds can get.


And with each Preschool classroom complete, we will finish off with the Toddler classroom where they took advantage of the summer like weather outside – having a ton of fun with the parachute, and having a turn in Preschool’s sandbox.

And then they kept their hands busy with all things sensory… from decorating acorns with glue and cinnamon, to making playdough, to getting a feel of the water beads between their fingers.

The Toddlers also enjoyed creating different faces, and learning the different types of feelings and emotions with our Sheridan Student Ms. K. oct87

Speaking of emotions, excitement was the big emotion felt when our Senior Preschool and a few of our Preschool friends boarded the school bus to take a trip to Chudleigh’s Apple Farm this morning. That summer-like weather left us too early, and we were left having to bundle up for our apple-picking trip, but like the classic, “Let it Go,” the cold never bothered us anyway!

Here’s a look into our field trip to Chudleigh’s –  where we went on a tractor ride, picked our own apples, saw the animals, tasted apple cider, and picked a pumpkin too.

What a day at the Farm…


The short week as come to an end, and that means we have made it to the weekend!


The Chartwell House.


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