“Oh Autumn, I Fall for you more and more each year!”

With all things ‘Pumpkin Spice’ in the air, it is official, Fall is here!

The crisp mornings are making a come back, and I am quite happy with that! I may be the only one, but let’s LEAF that alone. That was a Fall pun. ACORNy one, but HAY! Let’s roll like the Five Little Pumpkins, and see what happened this week in The House.

We will start in the Senior Preschool classroom where they have been busy embracing the change in season, and working with all things Fall. From painting with the staple colours, patterning with leaves, diving in the water to scoop, pour, and collect Fall pieces, to…playing with dinosaurs in playdough.

They worked with the loose parts to continue their patterning skills…

And they stamped, raced, and they danced!

With many new faces in our Senior class, it’s nice to see how fast friendships form! A little game of ring around the rosie can bring joy to all!

Let’s leave them to rosie, and we will mosie on over to the Preschool classroom where they too fell into Fall. Collecting leaves, and sticks to add to their collection, and then using those leaves and sticks to make their very own art work.

The Preschool class has also been very in to celebrating birthdays, and so they partied in “the loft” and then they calmed in the sand…

They also worked on their fine-motor skills by ripping and tearing scrap paper to stick on to the window….more Fall art!

And very slowly, they walked the sidewalk in front of the House. What was not captured was how excited a few of them got when a large truck drove by! The excitement was off the charts for the truck lovers in the group! The Preschool teachers were quite impressed with their little scholars as they aced the nature walk!


The Preschool class also got their cookery on Friday afternoon when they contributed to National Pancake Day by making gluten-free ‘cakes! They helped their teachers mix, pour, and scoop the ingredients working together to make the most delicious, and fluffiest pancakes ever!


We will continue the tour, and head upstairs into the Toddler district – where Toddler One worked on their counting…counting the number of pine-cones they stole from the backyard!

 They also got their feels for all things sensory.

When the Toddlers play….they play! Outdoor fun!

We will end the tour in the Junior Preschool classroom where they too enjoyed all things Fall….painting leaves,and sponging pumpkins. And although not related to Fall, they had a blast colouring a cardboard box….you read that correctly! Do you know how many things a cardboard box can turn into?  Endless possibilities.

And when they weren’t creating, they were having a ball!

Before we ring in the weekend, there’s one last thing….we sang and banged on our drums all day with Ms. Rachelle during “M is for Music.’

Okay, now we can ring in the weekend!

The Chartwell House.

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