Last Day of Summer! Windy.

It’s the last day of summer, and all through the house, the children stay cool, because the only way we’d go outside was if there were a pool. The smell of cinnamon hangs in the air as Ms. Omaima bakes with care. Visions of pumpkins and apples dance in our head’s, …Fall is here!

Image result for welcome fall

The week was action-packed with Suzie Sunshine making her return to the House, Karate with Mr. McCoy, Yay! Yoga, and we also had a special guest program, Soccer Shots!

When we weren’t busy stretching, kicking, or singing we were busy exploring our classrooms. This week we will start in the Senior Preschool classroom where they worked on their letter recognition, and pincer-grasp, built towers and raced cars, and came together to make play-dough when it was just too hot to run outside.

 They worked on that hand-eye coordination and those fine-motors skills…

From the Coach House to the Main House, we will go from Senior Preschool to Preschool where they talked about plains, trains, and automobiles – all things relating to transportation!

And to keep things rolling, they zoomed through the paint with cars and made really fast art!

We will keep that pace and zoom upstairs into the Toddler classroom, where the little ones of the House got their hands into everything! It was all things sensory….

The Toddler’s really took to that ol’ saying, “work hard, play harder!” After they worked, they took to the ‘grounds and they played!

Last, but not least we will finish with our Junior Preschool, where they too enjoyed the Yoga. They talked all about Peace while finding their peace with Ms. Sara.

And they also worked with their hands – fine tuning those fine motor-skills…

And that’s a wrap! We are off to enjoy the weekend, and then we will be back to finish off September. Can you believe it? Stay tuned to see what happens next week at The House.

The Chartwell House.


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