It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

We’re back!

New start. New faces. New friends. Same blog.

I would like to send a warm WELCOME to all our new families, we hope you make this House your Home!

This may also be your first time exploring the blog, and so before I go on and on about what happened this week at the House, please….make yourself comfortable.

Feet up, and ready? Perfect.

We will start with the youngest of the House, up in the Toddler One classroom, where they were focused on their colours….red and yellow and pink and green
purple and orange and blue…

They also worked on those fine-motor skills when pulling, and placing the pipe-cleaners into the cardboard box. pipecleaner

And when they very carefully lined up the Dinosaurs one at a time.

Never too far from their favourite things, the basketball had to stay close by for this line-up. 

From the Toddlers, we will slide on over to the Junior Preschoolers where instead of seeing colours, they were seeing and singing all about Farm Animals.

On their farm they had…puzzles, sensory play, and a DIY barn build…

Along with exploring McDonald’s Farm, they explored the loose parts in the classroom too.

We will go from up the stairs, to down the stairs and into the Preschool classroom where these little ones explored ramps, bulldozers, and more! To you the following photos may look like we captured quite the mess, however, these photos capture the little one’s imagination working on over-drive, fine-motor and sorting skills, team-work, and concentration. Each child had a goal in mind, whether it be using the tongs to transfer one item to the next, or to use the bulldozer to remove all the rocks and then put them into the dump-truck for removal, they were on quite the mission.

And last but not least…let’s move into Senior Preschool classroom where they explored the all natural loose parts…

And worked on their letter recognition…and letter writing.

It may still be Summer, but the Pumpkin Spice latte is already in stores which means Fall is just around the corner, and with Fall comes apples and with apples…comes art masterpieces.

On top of the fun and learning in the classrooms, we had Monkeynastix, Meditating Munchkins, the Animals, and M is for Music visit the House this week, to make this week action packed!

With a busy week, we hope you all enjoy a nice and relaxing weekend!

The Chartwell House.

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