It doesn’t matter where you go in life, as long as you go to the beach!

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The best thing about Summer are the days spent at the beach!

We may not have gone to the beach, but we had plenty of sand, water and friends here at The House to make it feel just like going to the beach.

We played in the sand, built castles in the sand, and painted with the sand. We splashed in the water, drank the water, and ran through the water to cool off on these Summer days. Beach Week was simply…gnarly!

Both Toddler classrooms were all about their hands this week, as they painted, made and played with Play-Doh, built with blocks and recycled egg-cartons to resemble sand castles, and got their hands sandy in the sensory bin.

The Preschool classroom had an ocean in their sensory bin with whales, dolphins, fish and more, they had sand to rake for a calming affect, they decorated sandcastles, and made sand art using glue to stick the sand on to the paper.

We can catch the wave to sail on over to the Senior Preschool classroom where they too dug for treasure in the sandy sensory bin, they mastered sorting what belongs on water, and what belongs on land, they made a list of words that remind them of the beach, looked through beach-themed books and made sand art getting messy with the glue!

The weekend is here, and the BEACH is calling…

Surf’s up!

The Chartwell House.


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