Come one, come all!

To the Chartwell House…


The circus came to town! For one week only, under the big top, for the very greatest, most spectacular circus show in the universe! From lions, to cotton candy, to the most incredible magic show there is, the children of the House enjoyed the wild, somewhat tamed, Circus week presented by Chartwell.

No clowning around, the house was a roar!

The Toddlers of the House…

The Toddlers made a splash on water day…

They splished, and splashed, and then they took it all in while drying off under the trees with their friends.

Toddler Two got creative during Circus week, making cotton candy, balloons, and popcorn treats.

Preschool worked on their balance walking the tightrope and mastered their fine motor skills when constructing their very own circus…

The Seniors of the House took Circus week very seriously….


When they weren’t JOKING around they put their pencil to paper, and drew the animals of the circus.

And the whole House was blown away by Bert and his magic show!

“How did he do that?” – All Staff

And now for more magic….Abracadabra….poof! The week is gone and the long weekend is here! Enjoy 🙂

The Chartwell House.

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