“When life gets rough I like to hold on to my dream of relaxing in the summer sun just lettin’ off steam!” – Olaf


It’s that time of year again…SUMMER! And we could not be more excited here at The House for what is to come….with the return of Bumbling Bert, Dan the Music Man, and more we cannot wait to celebrate summer with loads of fun!

Before I get a ahead of myself….let’s first look at what happened this week.

With Summer now in season, the Toddler Two class brought the heat that we felt outdoors indoors when they talked, learnt, and explored all things summer-related.

Painting with bright yellow paint and egg carton cut-outs to bring a little shine to the classroom – get your sunnies on, this art is blinding!


After using the egg-cartons, the children moved on and started to paint with string, and then bubble-wrap and rollies…

When the toddlers got to pick seeds for their classroom, the older group went straight for the Pumpkin seeds, and although it’s summer….we’re ready for Halloween as the children noticed something growing today! PUMPKINS!


Along with pumpkin seeds, the toddlers were inspired to attempt this experiment (found on Pinterest, the website every teacher loves) with seeds –  in a zip-lock bag they soaked paper-towel with water, added the seeds and taped it to the window….and now they wait to see what happens….


While the older toddlers wait for their seeds to grow, the youngest toddlers were ROARING away as they roamed the classroom like dinosaurs for the week. With dinosaur footprints to follow in the classroom, they made their way around exploring the creatures of the past.

From dinosaurs to bubbles, from bubbles to painting the toddler one class took advantage of the summer sunshine…

The Preschool and Senior Preschool classes also took advantage of the outdoors when it came to Yoga this week. Stretching it out on the front yard…

When indoors, the Preschool classroom have been lost in Space! They have been walking on the moon, traveling from planet to planet, and building their own rocketships. The classroom has Space inspired books to browse, SPACE words and letters to recognize and blocks wrapped in tinfoil to get the out of this world affect.

When they weren’t moon-walking, they found their marbles in the paint….

Now, I would usually move on to photos of the week from the Senior Preschool classroom, however, with their Graduation only days away, they have been working hard, and to keep things top-secret for their big day, we have banned the paparazzi from taking any photos this week. What I can share with is….it will be worth it!

 I can also share with you that it’s the WEEKEND! Enjoy it!

Happy Summer….bring on the heat!

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