“Hey June, don’t let me down…”

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It’s Friday and it’s the first day of JUNE! Bring on the summer please!

Another busy week here at the House, with Suzie bringing the Sunshine, Monkeynastics taking care of our monkey’s, Karate bringing the heat, and Madame S wrapping the week up with French Fridays.

And when we weren’. t participating in all the extra programs visiting, we were fully engaged, exploring, and learning in the classrooms. This week we will start up the stairs in the Toddler One classroom where they took on their colours for the week…”red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue…”

They also put paintbrush to paper during creative.


And they got their Bill Nye on with a colour Science experiment…watch to see what happens when you add a little vinegar to the mix…”Science rules!”

You know what also ruled….the dinosaurs. And you know what the Toddler Twos discussed this week? The Dinosaurs.

They also had a few very important group discussions about the dinosaurs.

And when they weren’t discussing the dino’s they were watching Ms. Kelloway knock it out of the park…


Next up to bat is the Preschool classroom – where they used their imagination when asked what they wanted to transform a regular ol’ cardboard box into….drum roll please….5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..BLAST OFF, the answer was….A Rocketship! See below as they work together to build and paint the ship.

And there was a lot of buzz about their art work this week…

And they were blown away when it came to this activity.

From the bubbles to the Senior Preschool classroom we go – where the oldest of the House decorated the grounds of the playground with their chalk-work.

While out exploring the gardens, the Seniors found a new addition to the Chartwell playground…ladies and gentlemen…meet Tony.

From Tony, and all of us here at The House, we wish you a very happy first day of June, and hope you all have a great weekend!

Line of the Week:
Teacher: What are you going to name your new little brother or sister?
Child: Hamburger!

The Chartwell House.


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