Short and Sweet Week.


It may have been a short week, but here at The House the classrooms were busy, and action packed. From gardening, to painting, to building and constructing, to yoga to singing, to playing outside under that summer-like sunshine…it was a blast!

After the long weekend ended in a BANG (get it? bang…fireworks! HA!) we were back to business on Tuesday…

The Toddler One classroom went back to the basics, and worked on their letters, making the ABCs look as easy as one, two, three.

They went from learning the ABCs to learning their colours with Pete…”because it’s all good!”


When the weather outside is delightful, you bring the programming outdoors and make it oh so insightful…? Let it shine, let it shine, let is shine.

Planted last week. Sprouting this week.

Let’s stay outdoors and check in on the Toddler Twos who continued their interest in gardening, and making their green thumbs even greener…

Proof their green thumbs are now greener…

And as a class they took turns watering their new additions to the classroom….an onion and oregano plant – which they will eventually pass on to Ms. Omaima to cook up a storm with.

We will let the Toddler Twos water on, and we will head into the Preschool classroom where they talked, learnt, explored, and crawled with BUGS.

They got creative  – making butterflies, ladybugs, and using fly-swatters to make a masterpiece too!

The Preschoolers went for a neighborhood walk standing two by two, the littlest one stopped to….smell the flowers, and say hello to this little potato! See below.

Speaking of flowers….the Seniors of the House put their brushes to paper as they painted just what they saw when looking at the beautiful bouquet.

When the sun is shining and the outdoors is calling…

…you bring the indoor programming outdoors, and Yoga too!

We also had M is for Music join us this week, and French with Madame S where they continued learning their colours en Francais!

The weekend is Here! And that….that is music to my ears!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

The Chartwell House.

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