There’s no hood, like Motherhood.

To all the Moms out there, no matter how far
Know that you’re on my radar
For being a Rockstar
A cook…
A Doctor, alarm clock, maid, waitress, teacher, referee, handyman, photographer, chauffeur, event planner, hairdresser, personal assistant, ATM, and boogie-man chaser.
You wear many hats, and yet no cape
I’d still put you up against Superman, you’d put him into shape
With all that you Mother’s do, I really want to thank you!
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With a very special day around the corner, your offspring in the House have been up to very special projects. I cannot give too much away, but you Moms…are lucky.

Here’s what I can share with you…

Preschool discusses what they like to do with their Moms, and what their Moms like to eat or drink:


The Toddler Two classroom was asked why they love their Mommy….here is why:

“She is nice”- Dante. “She plays with me”- Kian. “She gives me medicine when I’m sick”- Maria. “She gives me a lollipop”- Anna. “She plays with race cars with me”- H-man. “She makes me popsicles; I make them with her too”- Stella. “She has a baby in her tummy”-Kayla. “She takes me to the park”- Olivia. “She calls me Goose”- Ryan.”She plays cars with me; she takes me to the park” – Liam.

The rest is under wraps. For the Mom’s reading….to be continued on Sunday.

We will continue with Toddler Two, where they talked all things Mommy related, and all screamed for “The Ice Cream King,” book that just melted their little hearts.

One scoop. Two Scoop. Three scoop. Floor…..

They also took a closer look at the train tracks they built using their fine little motor skills to complete the job.


And when outside, they used the chompers to collect the balls around the yard….or pinecones, rocks, sticks…whatever they could capture with their chompers.

Speaking of cleaning up sticks…let’s fly back to the wind storm we had and the mess it left behind. It was quite the breeze, leaving lots and lots of debris and with Earth Day still in their heads and hearts, the Senior Preschools took it upon themselves to help clean up the yard.

Ms. HIllis, are we cleaning up the Earth?” “Yes, we are cleaning up the Earth!” “You can even smell that we’ve cleaned up the Earth…smell Ms. Hillis!”

With the clean smell in the air, the Kinders took to the sidewalks and participated in a neighbourhood stroll…finding trees that uprooted, squirrels with nuts, and more and more sticks…

Right, Left. Right, Left.

After stretching our legs, we worked with our hands and on our letter recognition.

They may work harder, but they dance harder…

It’s fun to stay at the…C-H-A-R-T-W-E-L-L…

And when the animals came to visit the House…the Kinders didn’t flinch, they didn’t get scared, they just got up close and personal…

From the oldest of the House, to the youngest we shell go…

The Toddler One classroom, although they aren’t too much older, they showed off their skills when it came to taking care of babies, just like Mommy…how cute is this!

And although the diapers were clean, they did end up getting their little hands messy….with paint…

What a great job – give her a hand!

We will end the show with the Preschool classroom, where they too focused on all things Mommy related, and also all things starting with Y.

A drawing of Mommy…


A list of Y words…

With the sun shining, and the landscapers cleaning our grounds, the Preschool children also hit the sidewalks to explore Chartwell Road.

Now….let’s walk into the weekend…hand in hand.


Happy weekend to everyone, and Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mommies out there.

For all you do, here’s to you!

The Chartwell House.

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