May the Forth be with you.

Busy, busy, busy! The House this week was busy!
From Monkeynastix, to Karate, to Yoga, to Music and then French, the children got their fair share of action when it came to the extra programs visiting this week. We were lucky enough to move most of the activities outdoors, as the sun was shining and the air was warm!

French with Madame S, and M is for Music with Ms. Rachelle remained indoors due to the rain this morning, but it was just as fun as the children continued to learn their shapes in French, and sing all about the weather! Rain, rain GO away!

And when they weren’t stretching, singing, swiping danger away, or speaking a second language they were in their classrooms where they worked hard, so they could play even harder.

The youngest of the House are always go, go, go, and so they continued their learning and discussion on trains, planes and automobiles…all things relating to transportation.

They like to move it move it, and we’ll move it right along and into the Toddler Two classroom where they cannot get enough of the creepy-crawlers! They too continued their learning and now slight obsession with BUGS. After spotting a lady bug (get it?!) they became infatuated with finding the next bug…

They have been naming all kinds of bugs when looking at different photos from dragonflies, to crickets, grasshoppers, bumble bees, to spiders, to the too many legged centipede…go ahead and test them!

When exploring outside, they found a beautiful butterfly taking a rest on one of the trees.

And when inside, they made bumble-bees.


And sure enough, a lady-bug with it’s perfect timing, stopped by landing at a very convenient table, where they took a closer look to connect the dots.


Oh to be a fly on the wall…

We will move from the Toddler Two classroom down into the Preschool class where they became one with nature.

And when it rains…..


We bake with Mommy while wearing rain boots, and watching a movie.

But when it’s summer-like weather, we take to the outdoors and sing our Jolly Phonics together…


We will end the tour in the Kinder classroom, where they have been busy reading the best of the best books to complete their reading challenge. They are on the road to reading 100 stories before the end of May, and are currently on book number 73. Once they hit 100 books as a class, Scholastic Canada will donate 100 books to children who need them! Let’s go Kinders!

The Kinder classroom definitely took advantage of the summer-like weather and enjoyed programming, snack time, Karate, Yoga, and Jolly Phonics out under the sun.

But when they were inside…they kept their hands busy. Building Lego homes, working in their workbooks, and working on their green thumbs too.

Now, let’s ride into the weekend like…


With the heavy winds outside, stay grounded everyone! And enjoy your weekends.

The Chartwell House.

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