As we gave a little extra love to the Earth over the weekend, we continued to be inspired by what this beautiful planet has to offer…from the creepy-crawly bugs that roam the dirt or fly in the sky to the different forms of transportation we use to explore this land…we appreciate it from the ground up!

We will start in Toddler Two, where they had the whole world at their fingertips. They used sponges, with blue and green paint to create little versions of the World that are now hanging from the classroom ceiling on display.

The Toddler Twos also continued their interest in bugs after finding a ladybug spending some time in their classroom last week. After the ladybug captured their attention, BUGS became the coolest thing! And so…they explored!

And when they weren’t exploring…they swatted!


They were not the only ones exploring the creepy crawlers….the oldest of the House got their hands wet while getting a little bit closer to the bugs…


They also followed suit when painting the Earth…

The Kinder class got to go on a very special bus trip to the Waste Management Site to further their knowledge on all things to do with recycling, reducing, and reusing. The tour guide, Nicole, was quite impressed with the questions asked, and just how much we knew about recycling.

Here is what we saw during our trip…

Spring is here, and so is the clean-up!

The green machine is breaking up our pumpkins, and Christmas trees to turn into the dirt we use for our gardens.

This driver came up close, and showed off his moves with the machine that flattens the garbage – the more we recycle, the longer this landfill will last! Do your part 🙂

And when fresh garbage arrives, the seagulls tend to flock! And to stop them from rummaging through the garbage and picking it up and dropping it elsewhere is this guy…

One would think driving through a dump of garbage would be smelly, but did you know they have giant vacuums that will suck up the smell, and turn that smell into electricity? That means all those smelly diapers that we cannot get into the garbage fast enough, actually turn our lights on! The two photos below show the giant vacuums…amazing.

With all the excitement of riding a bus, and seeing the site…we had a few little ones fading fast on the bus ride home…it was tough keeping those eyes open, and heads from bobbing, but all in all it was a good day at the dump!

Back at the House, we will head into Preschool where they too continued to talk Earth Day, and what it means to go Green…

The preschoolers are also seen with Madame S where they learnt their shapes this week during French.

French Shape up! Matching the name to the shape…en Francais! 

Speaking of Madame S, we will head up into the Toddler One classroom – last but not least – to learn that they were on the move this week – zooming in to have a look at all things that move.

They got their hands moving, as they painted the boats.


And they got their move on with Monkeynastix this week too!


The week moved on by, and now we will move into the weekend!
From us to you…Enjoy it 🙂

The Chartwell House.

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