Every day should be Earth Day. Let’s PLANET, and make it happen.

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It was two days before Earth Day, and all through the House, not a light switch was turned on, only flashlights shown bright. The heat was turned down as the sun took care, in hopes we’d do our part a little here and a little there. The children were excited, and kept to their classrooms. While the weekend, and visions of a healthier planet danced in their heads…

This week in the House, each classroom discussed Earth Day, and all things relating to taking care of our home, our school, our community, and our planet. From planting seeds, to recycling, composting, turning the water off as we brush our teeth, turning the lights off when we don’t need them on, all the little things that will add up to make big changes. The little steps we leave, can leave a much bigger footprint – it is our job as educators to teach the future on ways to create a healthier environment.

And this was the start…

We will start in the Preschool classroom where they focused on planting, gardening, seeds and green thumbs…actual green thumbs were present after painting egg cartons to create the leaves of a recycled tree.

When they weren’t turning green, they were zipping, zooming zebras and learning the sound of the letter “Z, ” for the letter of the week.


And then….they painted. They painted sticks using cotton swabs. They dipped balloons in paint and then rolled them over the paper. And then they painted their very own rainbow using clothespins and cotton balls.

We will go from Preschool into the Toddler district, starting with the youngest of the House in Toddler One. Where they braved the creepy, crawlies for the week, and talked and learnt all about BUGS!

They used their fine-motor skills to try and remove the spiders from their web manipulating the tongs.

They used the bug catcher to collect all the bugs…


And then they got up close and personal with the bugs, having a much closer look at just what they look like using the magnifiers.


And they too painted….using fly swatters!

No one was bothered, as all flies were shoo’d from Toddler One.

Let’s head to Toddler Two…

The Senior Todds were very focused as they learnt and practiced their pincer-grasp while tracing their names  – oh so very proud of their work!

And when outside…they talked business.

So this is Spring…


Look at that form! Just a little bit more to go…

From the Toddlers to the Seniors we go – where the eldest of the House worked on the three R’s – reusing the recycled newspaper to turn into beautiful recycled, Spring inspired art.

And each Kinder shared what they could do to help save Earth…

“Save the Earth it’s the only planet with pizza!” – the t-shirt. 


When we weren’t coming up with ways to save our planet, we were enjoying what it does offer….and that is our extra curricular programs and this week we welcomed Mr. McCoy and Karate, Meditating Munchkins with Ms. Laurel, Music with Ms. Rachelle, and French Fridays with Madame S.

With Earth Day on Sunday, we here at Chartwell decided to have our very own Earth Day inspired fun  with Flashlight Friday! We turned the lights off for the day, and lit our way with flashlights.

And because it’s Friday….turn the volume up on the next video and let’s celebrate our Planet, and the fact that it gives us Fridays! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend everybody! Don’t forget to love the earth just a little bit more this Sunday for Earth Day!

ATTENTION ALL READERS: Please be prepared to see a new segment of the blog where you will see some of the best lines from the children of Chartwell. The teachers will record the lines that made them laugh, question, and or just worth the share! When they say, “kid’s say the darnedest things…” they really mean it. Here are just a few from this week…

“Sometimes when I meditate, I lose control…”

“I didn’t have a good sleep because I watched too many Paw Patrols – Mommy let me watch one more even though I watched 100 before…”

“I am not a fan of the bath, but I really like Rock and Roll!”

“My baby’s name is Waterfall and she’s 26 and really big.” “My baby’s name is Unicorn and 24…”

Stay tuned to see what these children will come up with next…


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