April snow storms bring May…?

We hopped right through the Easter long weekend, and got right back into a short, but action packed week here at The House. With the children full of Easter chocolate, we were happy to see Monkeynastix, Karate, MamaRoot, and Yoga.

Started the week with a bang!

When we weren’t scaring off danger with Mr. McCoy, or stretching it out with Yay! Yoga! we were exploring the depths of our classrooms.

It may have looked a little more like winter out the windows, but Kinders kept Spring alive with their flower inspired paintings.

These TU-LIPS should be kissing winter goodbye! 

When the extra curricular programs visit Kinders it’s all about the gross-motor, but when they left, the oldest of the House got down to the fine motor business. They focused hard on how to hold a pencil properly when writing or tracing their names, they used their pincer grasp while manipulating the tongs to pick up the tiny pom-poms in the sensory bin, and they counted the bugs while doing a little addition at the Math station.

And just like Kinders, the Preschool classroom were all about adding more…to their learning. They built their tower adding more, they built their chain adding more…and they painted some more.

Then they learnt more and more words using the letters, A-P-R-I-L! april33

Speaking of April…the Toddler Twos stayed dry, even though they brought the showers…

But they were prepared with the boots…

The older toddlers were not along when they talked all about Spring, rain, flowers, and more – the youngest of the House also ignored the snow outside and kept the spirit of Spring going as they learnt a new responsibility….watering their classroom flowers!

They too were prepared for the rain drops, because these boots were made for…the wrong type of drops…but the imagination is there! Just don’t jump in any of the puddles!


When I first started writing it was a winter wonderland outside the office window, and now we will need a pair of rain boots as the snow has turned into rain…oh, Mother Nature.

Rain, rain, snow, snow, either or, away you go!

We end another short week, and head into the weekend – we hope you all enjoy it! As we are back next week to welcome Suzie, the Animals and M is for Music…we just don’t stop!

The Chartwell House.

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