No Yolk, Easter is HARE!

Warning: More than one Easter pun will be used through-out this blog post. I cannot help myself, they CRACK me up!

Which Easter Treat Are You? | Personality Quiz

With Easter around the corner, each classroom got into the spirit. Let’s hop into it…

The Toddler One classroom was all about the sensory play this week, keeping their hands busy scooping, cracking, and decorating eggs!

If they weren’t scooping eggs, they were all about the bunnies…

The Toddler Two classroom also got into the sensory bin…using their fine-motor skills to collect and scoop the eggs into their baskets. march263

They also got started on their green-thumbs, as they got their hands messy in the dirt planting and watering the Spring flowers. march265

When Easter is here, so are the eggs…

The egg-travganza continues in the Preschool classroom…

Where they too did some Spring gardening! Not only were they going green with their thumbs, but they were also using recycled jars to paint and turn into homes for the basil to grow…

Mother-nature is ahead of the game, and showing us April showers a little too early…with all the rain, came all the indoor play. Here is Preschool at play…

When they weren’t playing they were all ears…

And when it just kept raining, and raining, nothing beats a long afternoon indoors like a parachute party.


Speaking of party, the Seniors of The House, took the saying, “work hard, play harder” serious this week. Working hard in their work-books tracing their letters, tracing their names, and learning the sounds to each letter during Jolly Phonics.

And when it rains….they make playdough!

And when it continues to rain….they have an Easter Hunt, and Easter Egg races…

It’s not always the children who have all the fun – a challenge was brought up, who could stack the most bunnies….the winner…..Ms. HIllis. Well done Hillis!

And then it was back on the rabbit trail.

From all of the Senior Preschool classroom, and the rest of The House, to all of you, we wish you all a very Happy Easter!

IMG_9203 (002).jpg

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