This is no SHAM, you ROCK!

Irish you all a…



We do our best to GO GREEN on a daily basis here at The House, however, once a year, we really go GREEN…this week, each class was inspired by the wee leprechaun himself and it was GOLD!

It’s your LUCKY day for I am about to show you just what we got up to with no delay!

We will start in the Toddler One classroom where the youngest of the house were very focused on hitting their target for the week…

Mission: Roll for the Gold! Make those top hats sway!

Ready, set….BOWL!

And when you just can’t seem to connect – you come up with plan B…


It has been a long winter, and so when the toddlers got to put their hands in sand, it was a nice reminder of summers spent on the beach…

(Summer: 69 days away).

When we said to go green, Toddler Two….really went for it!


And when they weren’t transforming, they were stuck on magnets. All their focus was attracted to just how magnets work…I’d say the outcome was more positive than negative!

And when their attraction for magnets wore off, they went back to painting…the key to art? Use a an actual key.

The painting didn’t stop as we go into the Preschool classroom where they too were painting St. Paddy’s Day inspired art.

Luck seemed to be on Preschool’s side, as they took pencil to paper to practice their pincer grasp, and to follow the letters to gain recognition…

Even more luck came to Preschool when they learnt they were making a very special treat…


Then they danced. 1. Because it’s Friday 2. Because it’s St. Patrick’s Day (tomorrow) and 3. Because there should always be a dance party.

The party continued into the Senior Preschool classroom, where they too went green for the week…

They all worked very hard on their pom-pom rainbows that were more precious than a pot of gold…


The Seniors of the House have also taken interested in the classic cut and paste art – focusing on how to use a pair of scissors properly, and then gluing their clippings…

And last but not least…..

When your Show and Share is a BLAST….

With that, let’s BLAST OFF into the weekend!

Enjoy, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!

The Chartwell House.

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