The weekend is loading…


We are just hours away from the weekend, and it feels good!

Before we kick our feet up for the weekend, let me tell you about our week here at The House. We welcomed Suzie with all her Sunshine, Mr. McCoy and Karate, Monkeynastix, the Animals, French, and M is for Music…to say the least, it was an action packed week!

Suzie Sunshine!

Karate with Mr. McCoy 

The Animals

French with Madame S


And “M is for Music…”

When we weren’t singing, shaking shakers, breaking boards with our hands, or petting the animals, we were in our classrooms exploring colours, numbers, textures, and more…

In the Toddler One classroom, they were covering the basics – learning their ABCs, and 123s that are simple as DO RE MI….(according to Jackson 5).


Friends helping friends with their letters…U N I together will accomplish it all. 
It is as easy as 1 2 3…

We will mix things up, and head to Preschool next to keep the theme of letters going  – each Preschooler focused on the letters that made up their names…

And when they don’t want to work, they just want to bang on their drums all day….


We will go with the beat up the drum back up the stairs into the Toddler Two classroom where the explored colours and textures. They ran their fingers through the sand to feel how soft it was while mixing the colours and letting it slip through their little fingers…

They worked on their fine-motor skills as they used scissors to try and cut through the rough, sticky wax…
And then, while using crayons they coloured over different items to feel how the crayon moved across the different textures. As they coloured, they started to see the pattern forming from the item under the paper…

They also used cinnamon sticks to give their art piece a fresh scent…

Smells like...

From Toddler Two, to Senior Preschool we go….speaking of GO, have a look at these trains one of our Senior Preschool children made using the smaller wooden shapes…

They also built a puzzle working together as a team…


And have been practicing writing their names, first by tracing then by free-hand…

They’ve also been working on their number recognition, and counting….in all different ways!

And following patterns too…

From colours, to numbers, to patterns to French, to music, to Karate and more….it was a busy week, that flew by…now let’s fly into the weekend!

Don’t forget —> This Sunday —> Daylight saving time 2018 in Canada will begin at 3:00 a.m. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

The Chartwell House.

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