In like a Lion…

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One day the sun is shining, and the snow-pants remained hanging on the hooks, and then the next day we are back in full winter gear making snow angels, and tobogganing down the hill as a fresh coat of snow layered the grounds. “Oh, Canada…”

Just like that, February has come and gone, and we ROAR into March like a lion…fingers crossed this ol’ saying is true, and we out March like a lamb…

And like the weather, the happenings in the House continue to change…let’s explore.

We will start up the stairs and in the Toddler One classroom where the youngest of the House, took a closer look at the COLOURS of the rainbow this week.

RED and YELLOW and PINK and GREEN. PURPLE and ORANGE and BLUE. I can see Toddler One making a rainbow…
Using their pincer grasp, the toddlers dipped and dabbed attempting to paint their very own colourful rainbow.

I spy, with my little eye….RED!

From learning our colours, to discovering new textures we go from the Toddler One classroom into the Toddler Two classroom…

The T2’s took to outside as they went on a nature scavenger hunt…looking and feeling for different textures….they found pine-cones, pine needles, leaves, and more…

They felt the grooves of the tree, the lines of the leaves as they used their crayons to create nature-inspired art (See above photos).

When they moved inside, they got a real good feel of the paint in between their fingers…

Now, we will head down the stairs into the Preschool classroom where they were focused on the letter ‘G’ this week.

They painted with GRAPES, and used Green paint to make Great art to add to their class Gallery!


And they were Bill Nye inspired, when they tested out the sink and float experiment…

We will make our way over to the Coach House where the Seniors of the House were busy tracing, and focusing on their letters and numbers this week…

And they worked together to build multiple tracks to race their marbles down…


They also had a friendly tournament of Connect Four…

Very focused, tongues out and all.

To end the week, we also had Ms. S visit each classroom for French Fridays! Madame S introduced “Ma Famille.” The children will be learning the names of each family member…feb26112.jpg

Speaking of ma famille, I am about to go enjoy the weekend with mine!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! đŸ™‚

The Chartwell House.

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