Roses are red…

Violets are blue
Here’s a few photos
For all to view.

There was nothing, but LOVE in the air this week at the House, where each classroom celebrated Valentine’s Day with a whole lot of heart, and whole lot of pink and red, and red, and pink.

This week – a photo says a thousand words, so please, sit back and relax and scroll through the photos from this week at the House…

Toddler One:
All things creative were dedicated to Valentine’s Day – sponge painting with hearts, decorating hearts with heart stickers, and when it came to playing, cleaning, and changing the babies, it was heart-warming to see the youngest of the House, have such big hearts when it came to taking care of the dollies in the room.

Toddler Two:
The Toddler Two classroom focused on their Valentine fine motor skills, worked on their number recognition, and best of all made Valentine Day cupcakes as a group that they later enjoyed…

It was a mix between all things Valentines and all things construction in the Preschool classroom…

Senior Preschool aka Kinders:
It was a clean split between Valentine’s Day and the Olympics in the Kinder classroom…

Not only do we look the weekend, but we love it even more when it’s a LONG weekend!

From us to you, we hope you have a very Happy Family Day!!


And because it’s Friday….DANCE!

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