Snow Snow and more Snow

The weather outside continues to be frightful. Summer air right now would be oh so delightful.

Speaking of delightful, we had Suzie, Mr. McCoy, Monkeynastix, the Animals, and M is for Music visit this week, giving us a break from the books, and helping us drain our energy since we were once again indoors for most of the week.

Here’s a closer look at the Animals that came to visit this month…would you be as brave?

The Seniors of the House, learnt a new move with Mr. McCoy during Karate.

With a visitor coming each day of the week, it was a busy House, but each classroom still managed to squeeze some learning in here and there.

Let’s start in Toddler One, where they got their creative on – painting, gluing, drawing, dipping, and more. Using their fine-motor skills, they glue tissue paper on to mittens, they grasp cups to dip into different colours of paint to create circle art, and then they drove trucks with markers attached to create a piece of art from zooming across the table.



We will zoom zoom next door into the Toddler Two classroom, where they continued to explore ramps. They enjoy watching things GO, and MOVE down the ramp.

One ball at a time, they watch as they skid down the ramp and race across the floor.
The teachers cut the rolls in half to create a ramp for the sensory bin where they slide the pom-poms one at a time watching them dive into the bin. 
They painted and decorated the paper towel rolls, which will soon turn into their very own ramp. 

From the Toddler district, we will head into the Preschool classroom where funny enough they were working on the letter R this week….RAMPS! See what I did there?

feb541.jpgThey READ stories with one of our Sheridan Students Ms. Clair.

They took a break from letters, and moved right into math – working on their number recognition, while leaning how to add and subject at the same time…and if you add that all together, that also equals just how to multitask….


We’ll move right along from Preschool, and head into the Senior Preschool classroom where they’ve been learning all about Space. Learning the about the planets, the moon, the sun….the Solar System! They discussed where they’d like to go if they had a trip in a rocketship, a very popular choice was to meet the man on the Moon.

When they weren’t exploring in Space, they were back down here on Earth building towers, snowballs, putting together puzzles, working in their Workbooks, working on their number recognition, and of course playing with Play-doh!

That’s all folks! Another week is coming to an end, next week you’re just going to LOVE what we get up to…

Until then, have a good night, have a good Friday, and have a GREAT weekend!

The Chartwell House.

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