It may be cold, but Mr. Golden Sun is out!

From cold, to not too cold, to cold again, to….a deep freeze!

The weather out there has sure been a treat, keeping us cold all the way to our feet! We’ve seen outside now and then, but we’ve been stuck indoors over and over again. I don’t know about you, but the winter blues may just be true. Warmer weather will back soon, but for now, we will bundle up as if in a cocoon!

The start of the week was so last month…but I will start there to tell you all about what each classroom of the House got up to from Monday to Friday.

Cozy in, and let’s begin…

We will start upstairs in the Toddler One classroom where the youngest of the House welcomed a few new friends into their classroom this week – if this is your first time reading the weekly blog, WELCOME! Kick those feet up and enjoy…this is just the beginning for you!

The classroom turned into a lab, and the children turned into scientist as they explored how magnets work, how colours mix, how snow melts, and how to work a scale. Safe to say, Bill Nye the Science Guy had it right when saying, “science rules!”

As you leave the lab, and head into the classroom next door you would find the Toddler Twos testing out “the ramp.” From inside with paint, to outside with snow, the ramp was a hit! They watched as they rolled the balls down the ramp, and through the paint, leaving a colourful trail behind, a little bit different each roll.

After using a ramp to create paintings, they built and constructed their own ramps on the carpet to race the cars, roll the wine corks, push the roll of tape, and even managed to let a few blocks slide too!

We will continue to roll the ball and head into the Preschool classroom where they talked WINTER and LOVE, and no, not their love for winter, but about love, and all things winter related…

(If you walk into the Preschool classroom, you will see the bubble-wrap-feet-stomp-paintings were turned into big, beautiful hearts – hung with care on the walls for the coming of Valentine’s Day!)

They also LOVED getting their hands messy as they used their whole hand to create their own dinosaur…


And when their hands and feet weren’t in paint, they were grasped around a marker to practice tracing the letter of the week, which was (drum roll…..) the letter H.


With that, we will Hop over into the Kinder classroom…

Where they walked on the moon and explored Space, and roamed with the dinosaurs.

Where they tracked through the sand in the sensory…

And where they worked hard in their own personal work books  – tracing the letters, and focusing on their colouring skills…

From Monday to Friday we work hard, so on Friday to Sunday we can play hard!

The Chartwell House.

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