Anyone else thinking of the beach?

If you weren’t before….you’re welcome. 

It has been another brisk week out there, keeping us indoors for the most part – with only short escapes did we get some fresh air into our lungs! With temperatures on the rise over the weekend, and into next week we will be excited to get back into the yard.

But when we did get outside….

We made ice soup, and hit the slopes!

And when we were inside, we were busy! We had Monkeynastix visit the Toddler district on Tuesday to help with cabin fever, and we had Meditating Munchkins visit each classroom allowing them to take a break from the books, and to have some time to relax. Each class turned things down, as they turned the volume up in the speakers to inspire their creative minds with putting crayons to paper….they drew what they heard…

This week we will start in the Kinder classroom where they had a variety of activities happening from hockey, to show and shares, to making hot cocoa, to working on patterning, to tracing the letter A…all in all, it was approved with a thumbs up!

Thumbs up!

From Kinders, we will move across the way into the Preschool classroom…where this week the focus was on the letter K…

Or when your name starts with a J…you draw a J…

From the letter K in Preschool, to the prehistoric time in Toddler Two…

And when they weren’t roaming the Earth with the Dinos, they were taking care of the babies in the classroom – feeding them, bathing them, and just loving them…

Speaking of love, if you walked into the Toddler One classroom, you could see how much they loved painting with painticles! They got messy with the paints, but it is always worth it when it comes out looking like a masterpiece…

jan151They also enjoyed the visit from Monkeynastix…

One hundred and….two.

And they all had a nice relaxing rest with Meditating Munchkins…


It may only be Thursday, but I hope you all enjoy your Friday, and then your weekend too, where I hope you too can rest!

The Chartwell House.


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