Winter to Spring to Winter again!

With temperatures feeling a little more on the Spring side, we were finally able to get some fresh air outside, enjoy the snow, and then….it rained. And rained….until the rain turned back into snow…oh Canada!

With the weather making it’s own mind up on the outside, we were focusing our minds on what was happening on the inside. Each class was busy getting back into routines, and programming, as the holidays have come to an official end. Which means it’s back to business here at The House…

But where there’s work, there’s always a little bit of play, and this week we were able to do just that as we welcomed back Suzie Sunshine, Karate, the animals, Rachelle with M is for Music, and Ms. S too with French Fridays!

We will start with the Toddler’s of the House, where the Toddler One’s worked with their hands this week – using their hand-eye coordination when it came to creative, and sensory…

And as we move into the Toddler Two classroom, they too were using their hands and eyes, as you can see below! With a tray of “painticles” they got messy when it came to creative this week.

From the fun upstairs, we move into the Preschool classroom where they had fun both indoors and outdoors this week, finally getting to play in the snow…

And when they got inside, they were busy working with their letters and when they weren’t lettering, they were painting, or taking a much deserved break with a book…

And last but not least, the Seniors of the House followed suit when it came to letters, they joined Preschool and worked on their letter recognition….

They played a matching game, and worked together to find the matching sets.

And because it’s snowing, and we are true Canadians, they all got in on the good ol’ hockey game…

Speaking of snow, as I type this, the rain outside is now snow, and so with that I am off to salt the lot….be safe, and enjoy your weekend everybody!

The Chartwell House.

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