New Year, new temperature records! That’s right we started 2018 with a bang while we celebrated and then another bang as we broke records with the coldest start to a new year…I am not sure if that is a fact, but when the temperature in my car says -20 before the windshield I would believe it!

With the deep freeze happening outside we have been kept inside, making this short week feel just a little bit longer as a few of us may be going a bit stir-crazy. But we managed to make this short week full of fun, and surprises.

And here is proof.

We will start in the Toddler One classroom where it was all about the dumping, pouring, filling, sorting, and repeating. What toddlers love, and do best…

And then they got their hands messy when painting, and then again when they did the polar bear dip with their hands diving into the sensory bin. See below.

From Toddler One, to Toddler Two we go…

The Toddler Twos joined the Ones when they too got wild with water.

Painting the rocks using water. 
Water in the sensory brings all the toddlers together. 

And just like that the water turned to snow….


Speaking of snow, the cold weather outside let up for just enough time for the Toddlers to have some fun…

This is fun, I promise!

To move on to the next classroom we will have to head down the stairs into Preschool, where they focused on their fine-motor skills this week – working on their pincer-grasp while holding a pencil to trace the letters, where they carefully built towers and stacked blocks, and where they used their hand-eye coordination while practicing using a pair of scissors, and when turning the pages to their favourite stories.

And, last but not least we will make our way over to the Seniors of the House where they worked on their letters and numbers this week. Tracing the numbers, placing and matching the letters, counting the blocks as they stacked them to make a tall tower, and used the shapes to trace and outline.

To end the week, we had our French Fridays with Ms. S, where we learnt new winter words en Français.



And with the weather outside being frightful, and all the children being oh so delightful, we thought we would end the holidays with a….MAGIC SHOW!! We asked Bumbling Bert to come help us escape the winter blues, and did he deliver! I don’t know who enjoyed the show more the teachers, or the children! But Bert had us all laughing!


Thank you to Presswood Entertainment for coming last minute to give us all a good laugh!

Say those magic words…Abracadabra…and poof…the weekend is here.

Stay warm everyone! And have a wonderful weekend.

The Chartwell House.

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