17 days to go! Let it SNOW! Let it SNOW!


The countdowns are on! We have 17 more days to go before we wake up on Christmas morning. We have 12 more days until the Preschool classrooms impress you with their vocals on stage, and then there are only 7 more days until the Toddlers of the House let their art speak for itself during the Christmas Around the World Art Show. Are you all ready? Oh, and for those of you that may need reminding….there are 16 shopping days left! (You are welcome!).

With only days to go, we have definitely felt the hustle and bustle of the holiday season here at The House. The Preschool classrooms have been working and perfecting their jingles, and the Toddlers are covered in sparkles, and glue getting set for the big Art Show. We may be excited for Santa coming to town, but we are also excited to WOW all of you!

Now, with the weather outside getting a little bit closer to frightful, I hope you are snuggled up by the fire that is oh so delightful as you read and take a closer look at what each classroom got up to this week…

We will start in the Senior Preschool classroom where superheros were found decorating Christmas stars, where Christmas themed books were spread out for all to see, and where pretending to be Santa made for a jolly good time!

And with snow on the way and the temperatures dropping, I can say with confidence, that I am not alone when I think a little bit of sun against the skin would feel nice right about now…and so the Seniors of the House, brought in the sand to remind us all of warmer days on the beach!

A day at the beach
It may not be the same feeling as being between your toes on the beach, but tractors in the sand is definitely the next best thing! 

When their little hands weren’t in the sand, they were decorating Christmas wreaths…

From the Coach House to the Main House, we enter the Preschool classroom where the stockings are hung by the fire with care, the lights twinkle on the tree, and the Christmas and Holiday art is up and for all to see!

The Preschool classroom was busy with creative…

They were busy working with colours…

And they were busy creating rock displays, practicing their hand-eye with dumping and pouring in the sensory bin, racing cars, and even working their self-help skills while ironing their uniform for another days work.

You’ve seen the happenings in Preschool, so now we will venture up the stairs into the Toddler Two classroom where last week it was all about demolishing whatever was in their path, to this week where they dumped and poured and repeated.


Dumping and pouring is a fan favourite in both Toddler classrooms, but this week in the Toddler One classroom it was all eyes on Ms. Richardson, or better known as “TT,” as she built skyscrapers for the Toddlers. They watched as she placed one block at a time making the tower taller and taller until….TIMBER! Each time the blocks fell to the ground, it was just the funniest thing to these Toddlers.

How many?
As they finished building the tower, they helped count how many blocks there were before they TIMBERED down! 1, 2, 3…

And then after learning from the pro, they attempted to build a tower on their own…

When they weren’t constructing towers, they were constructing art…

And they worked with the Primary colours…

That was not all the hustle and bustle, the House also had Karate, M is For Music with Ms. Rachelle, and French visit this week.

M is for Music with Ms. Rachelle. Singing Jingle Bells. 

And French with Madame S was learning new items related to Christmas – such as, le cadeau, l’arbre de Noel, le Pere – Noel, la canne de Noel and les cloches – now, I’d tell you what those are in English, but I will leave that up to your little ones.

Before I sign off, wishing you farewell, I’d like to take a second to thank all of you who have helped us, help others this holiday season! We put three blue bins out for our Chartwell Food Drive, and within days you all responded! We will be taking all the food items to Oakville Fareshare Food Bank at the end of next week!


I will now say….have a wonderful SNOWY weekend!

The Chartwell House.


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