Anyone else wake up to an Elf on their Shelf?



It may be the end of the week, but it’s the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right December is here, and that means nothing but good cheer!

With Christmas around the corner, the House is starting to shine merry and bright! As you walk through the classrooms you’ll start to see Christmas lights, trees, snowmen, and countdowns – there’s 24 days to go! Ho! Ho! Ho!

To the Kinder classroom we go…

Where snowflakes hang in the window, and Christmas wishes hang on the wall – in hopes that Saint Nick doesn’t drop the ball. The Kinder classroom have decorated their dramatic centre, where they practice hanging the bulbs, and ornaments on their tree! Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree, what pleasure do you bring to SP!

O Christmas Tree!
Charlie Brown we’ve got you beat!

They conquered their fine motor skills while focusing very intensely peeling and sticking the Holiday themed stickers to the paper, and tracing the shapes of the cookie cutters too.


They scooped and shoveled the snow into the buckets, and played the good ol’ hockey game….hockey and snow eh?

With the temperatures still above zero, it’s been hard to keep Frosty from melting as you can see from the Kinder’s creative this week – see below!nov271

From the Kinder classroom into the Preschool classroom, you will continue to see the lights flickering and decorations hung by the fireplace with care. The Preschool class was busy putting the ROCK into the Jingle Bell Rock as they took the stage to show their skills…


They too were busy creating winter inspired art for their walls – making it feel just a little bit more like Christmas is coming to town!

They rolled up their sleeves and washed the dishes in the sensory bin. Tip: This skill could also be done at home!

You’re welcome.

With Preschool cleaned up, let’s make our way into the Toddler Two classroom where it was all about…demolition! That’s right the Toddler Twos were ripping apart paper, using their fine motor skills to tear the paper into pieces…


They whipped and slashed the corks that were dipped in paint to create fine art…


And they used their muscles to push the tires around the yard rolling over the cracks –¬† their own version of the demolition derby!

From the derby to the tables we go as we make our way into the Toddler One classroom where they focused their eyes, hands, mouth, and nose on what was happening in the classroom. It was all about the different senses this week…

They felt good about having all hands on the different textures lined up on the tables. From soft, to rough the toddlers walked around the classroom getting a real feel for it…

Do you hear what I hear? A song, a song….

A song sung by the one and only Ms. Suzie Sunshine who joined us here at The House early in the week…you may know this one!

First we sang it in English with Suzie, and then we sang in French with Ms. S. Jingle Bells to Vive le Vent (excusez mon Francais). We sang with Ms. S, and we learnt a few more words in French to add to our vocabulaire. Merci, merci, Madame S.

Now, that we have dashed through the week, let’s have a holly jolly weekend everyone!

Happy December!

The Chartwell House.

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