Welcome back Mr. Golden Sun

This weather has us going from bundling up in full Winter gear, to searching for that Sunscreen we packed away, – okay, so maybe it’s not that warm or extreme, but Mr. Golden Sun has made a come back – watch your back Sir Jack….(Jack…like Frost, Jack Frost you get it).

A full week has passed since I last talked with you, and so let me catch you up to speed with a few highlights that happened this week at The House:

1. We welcomed Karate, Yoga, Music, and French
2. Our Christmas Concert songs are hearing very in-tune and closer to perfection as we are 18 school days away from the stage!
3. The Toddlers have been like little Elves as they have been working very hard on their Art pieces to present and show all of you in just 15 school days!
4. We started our Chartwell Holiday Food Drive

This week we will venture into the Senior Preschool classroom to start things off. Have a look at the photos below to see what the oldest ones of the House got up to…

The Seniors have been focusing on their shapes this week – lining up the shapes and matching them while under the clock, they also sorted the shapes collecting the circles, triangles, squares and organizing them into the right piles, and they practiced their pincer-grasp to trace the different shapes too! They painted what they want Santa to bring them for Christmas, and they took a closer look at the catalog in the sensory bin if they weren’t sure what they wanted to ask for just yet.

Next up is Preschool….here’s a look:

They work hard even in the cold!

In the above photos, the Preschool children are playing with, “loose parts.” They are using both their imagination and creativity while exploring the loose parts.

Loose parts

Self help skill: Learning to wash those dishes early  (You’re welcome!)

We will now have a look at the Todddler Two classroom where they were focused on self-help skills, and doing things all by themselves.

Like, getting ready to take on the cold. See below as the teachers step back and let the independence shine…

And peeling their own oranges during lunch time – we know it takes a little more effort to start that peel, but once we started it for them….they took off and flew!

They also worked on their number recognition and counting, as they counted the right amount of squares to the number shown. Colour recognition came up too while they matched the colour of the blocks to the colour on the paper.



We have made our way to the youngest bunch of the House, and will have a look into the Toddler One classroom where they continued to look at all things that go, and explored their sensory play while browsing through the different catalogs.

The fan favourite seen below, was when they got to dump, pour and repeat…


You have just seen photos and got a closer look into the classrooms during their programming time, now I am going to show you a glance at our extra curricular programs that came for a visit this week…starting with Ms. S teaching French – she continued the colours themed, having the children match the colours en Francais!

During Karate, the Preschool and Senior Preschool classrooms showed off their strength…

Each classroom stretched it out with Yay! Yoga…

And listened carefully as Rachelle played different instruments behind their backs, and they had to guess which instrument sound they were hearing…do you hear what I hear?

what do you hear?

Some of them even got a chance to learn how to play the keyboard – they keys on the board would light up showing them which key to move to next, and as they followed along they were playing a song…

Look at me now!

And that is all folks. Oh wait….this just in! Friday is coming to a beautiful end…


From this House to you, have a wonderful weekend!

-The Chartwell House.


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