“Busy, Busy, Busy!”

This week at The House has been, “busy, busy, busy,” just like Professor Hinkle would say. With Christmas coming to town very soon, we have been working hard, singing hard, and wishing for snow even harder….oh, just me? Okay, maybe not the snow part, but we are preparing for our Christmas Concert and Christmas Around the World Art Show and it has been go, go, go!

When we weren’t perfecting our vocals, or getting our hands messy in art, we were singing with Suzie, balancing with Monkeynastix, rockin’ with Rattles, counting in French with Madame S, and taking a deep breath with Meditating Munchkins.

When we weren’t singing, dancing, meditating, balancing or learning another language we were busy in our classrooms learning all about….I will hold you in suspense for just a second as I set up up a visual tour of what happened this week in each classroom….

Kick your feet up by the fire, and cozy in. Because we are about to begin!

We will start with the Senior Preschool classroom where they have been focused on their letters this week. They took an even closer listen to the sound the letter, ‘B,’ makes, as well as practicing their pincer grasp when tracing the letter B, or attempting to write the letter themselves. Along with, ‘B,’ they have been introduced to some basic, m-a-t-h. Ms. Johnson has taken the class on a journey teaching them all about Addition to start with. They counted, added, and wrote the answer themselves, or may have traced it – but you could tell they were proud of their work when they were complete. And believe it or not, most of them did their homework too!

Photo below: Shows the Seniors counting, and learning all about Addition.


From the Senior classroom we will head next door into the Preschool classroom where they were very focused this week, concentrating on their hand-eye coordination while building, and constructing with blocks and more.

They also bundled up and took to the outdoors, enjoying the crisp air while exploring the leaves, making a train, and what looks to be a very serious game of poker…

The Preschoolers also got their hands messy as they crafted Frosty together- gluing on the corncob pipe and a button nose and the two eyes made out of coal. They also made it snow, using a fork to create quite the snow storm.

We’ll get out of the snow storm and head up the stairs into the Toddler Two classroom.

This week the older Toddlers were curious about numbers, counting and letters too! They practiced their counting to 10, they listened as they heard the sound of each letter, and they also attempted to pair the matching letters together too. (Fact: If you search “Jolly Phonics,” on YouTube, your little one will sing and show you the actions to each letter for you!)

1, 2, 3...
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…
How many wine bottles were emptied in this photo? …4, 5, 6….
Working together to find the matching letters.

From Toddler Two, we will move into Toddler One where they liked to,” move it, move it,” all week. They watched as cars, trucks, blocks, their little legs and more moved. They watched as they raced the cars down the slide and how fast the wheels went round and round. They watched as the blocks fell to the ground after building a tower and knocking it over, they watched their legs run as they moved all over the classroom and yard.

Like the Toddler One room, we are going to MOVE into the weekend. We are another week closer to CHRISTMAS everyone!

Speaking of Christmas – The Oakville Tree lighting happens tonight in the Town Square from 7-10pm and the Oakville Santa Claus Parade comes to town Saturday morning at 9am.

Have a wonderful weekend all! 🙂

-The Chartwell House.

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