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“Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!”

Photo of the first Snow Fall!

The weather outside may be frightful, but the children inside have been oh so delightful.

Mother Nature did not waste any time moving from that crisp Fall air, to that 7 degrees below zero freezing to the bone air, now did she?

With a cold front outside, we were sure to keep busy and warm when we were inside. With Halloween behind us, the classrooms have moved on to new interests and I am here to show you just what those are…

This week, we will start in the Preschool classroom where they talked about PEACE as they discussed Remembrance Day, and crafted their own Poppy’s too!

How to Create Peace…

The Preschool classroom have also taken a large interest in BLOCKS – building, constructing, knocking down, moving and transporting blocks all over the classroom. They have built cities with skyscrapers, towns with homes and have been tornadoes as they storm through knocking over each and every building in their path.

“It’s going down, we’re yelling…TIMBER!!”

If they weren’t building towers, they were busy counting, sorting, and playing with the loose parts…

They also practiced their hand-eye and fine motor skills as they took scissors to paper in the sensory bin.


From Preschool we will go up the stairs to the Toddler district where we will stop first in the Toddler two classroom, where they role-played, and explored the dramatic centre. They played dress-up with the costumes, they used the tools like a builder would, made pizza like a chef would, changed a baby like parents would and helped each other get ready to go outside like a friend would.

We will now go next door into the Toddler One classroom where we have been welcoming a lot of new little faces. Joining a new classroom can be scary at first, but then they meet the teachers, they meet new friends, they dance with Suzie, sing with Rockin’ Rattles, stretch with Yoga, spread love with Meditating Munchkins, and get up close and personal with all kinds of animals and then they forget they were ever scared in the first place.

The youngest of the bunch got messy in sensory, played with the babies and enhanced their self-help skills when washing, cleaning and diapering the babies, and explored the table-top activities…

From the youngest to the oldest of the House, we head into the Coach House where the Kinders spend most of their days…

They brought the outdoors indoors this week as they used all things nature to create their art masterpieces. Leaves and rocks were gathered to make these pieces happen. *No trees were harmed in the making.


They also sat down in circle together to talk about Remembrance Day, and what brings them PEACE, and what it means to them…nov61

Another way we kept warm this week was welcoming our extra curricular programs – we had Karate, we had the animals visit, we worked our vocals with Ms. Rachelle, and we also enjoyed our French Fridays with Ms. S.

Above photos:  Karate, Animals and Singing with Ms. Rachelle

Above photos: Learning our colours in French with Ms. S


The blog and week have come to an end, that means the weekEND is about to begin! Bundle up and stay warm everyone!

The Chartwell House

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