This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

You all voted, the votes are in, and they have been tallied! I will now announce the winner of our 2017 Pumpkin Contest…drum roll please….the winner is…


Congratulations to Kinders! A job-well done! I would like to thank all of our participants, and voters for making this contest happen. Thank you, and congrats again to our Kinder class!

Now, let’s get right into what happened this week at The House…

We will start upstairs with the Toddler One classroom where they were talking, learning, reading, singing, and carving all things Halloween.

Coming up with ideas for the contest…
All eyes on Ms. Richardson carving Baby Pooh. (Yes, I know how that sounds!)
Gluing and sticking cats, bats, and….ghosts! 

The insides of the pumpkin were added to the sensory to get a better feel for Halloween.

Different costumes were added to the dramatic centre, and the Toddlers played dress up…looking good!

The Halloween theme crept into the Toddler Two room too – where they worked on their pumpkin for the contest, where the sensory bin turned into the insides of a pumpkin, where they decorated pumpkins, and where they work on their counting and number recognition using pumpkins too!

Helping Ms. Kelloway get the guts out!
Scooping, and using those fine motors to pick out the seeds one by one. 

They also sorted and sized the different pine-cones, keeping Fall around as long as they can…oct306

We will move from the Toddlers to the Preschoolers, where they too carved, created, and crafted pumpkins…

There’s no better way to read a story than in your Halloween costume…

We will move on to the Kinder classroom where they worked on and practiced their penmanship, and instead of all things Halloween they showed an interested in all things Jungle and Zoo animals.

Very proud work!

The costumes have been put away, the Spooky parade has been marched, the pumpkins have been judged, and the candy has been eaten…Halloween is over which means….CHRISTMAS is coming to town! But before we really say goodbye to Halloween I will leave you with these…


Your Chartwell staff everyone!

Tomorrow is Friday, and that means the weekend is near! Enjoy 🙂

The Chartwell House

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