It’s beginning to look a lot like…


There is only four more days until the spookiest night is upon us! Are you ready?

Last week you got to see inside our haunted house, as we showed off our decorations and Halloween inspired art, and now this week we want to continue the scare-show and present to you all that happened here…

It all started on a dark, and gloomy Monday morning, when we woke up to FROST, yes, frost on our windshields. As you got everyone in the car, you shivered as you made the drive to the House. You arrived at school, at your own risk you entered the classroom, the door behind you was creaking as it slowly shut and then…the week at the Chartwell House started…scary right?

Sit back, relax, kick your feet up, and maybe even steal from the Halloween candy that is suppose to last another four days…because here we go…

We will start with the oldest of the bunch, and make our way into the Kinder classroom. This week they continued talking zombies, skeletons, witches, and Princess Anna, sticking to all things Halloween as the week went on.

They worked on their fine-motor skills as they practiced holding a pencil and tracing the letters of the alphabet.

Writing 101

“Dem bones, dem bones, dem crazy bones…” They put dem bones back on to the skeleton matching the bones one by one. Look at the focus…

Don’t worry, they’ll put the skeleton back together again, it’s going TIBIA okay!

The classic cut and paste with the five little pumpkins sitting on a gate. We concentrated as we practiced using the scissors to cut out the pumpkins, and then we glued them and our fingers to the paper.

“Whooooosh went the wind, and out went the light!”

Bones, eyes, and pumpkins…oh my! were found in the sensory bin – scooping and sorting the eye balls into the small-sized pumpkins. We were working on our hand-EYE coordination.

As a class, the Kinders helped Ms. Hillis take the GUTS out of the pumpkin, feeling the slimy insides, and smelling them too! Then they helped separate the seeds to later enjoy them!

From the Kinders to the Preschool classroom we go, where they too continued on with Halloween…

Spiders and Ghost! Made from hands and feet!

When they weren’t covered in paint, they worked on their letter recognition, matching the small letter to the capital letter, and then went digging and scooping for eyes and fingers?….oh, Halloween!


As a team, the Preschool class sat down and had a discussion about what words they could brainstorm that have to do with Halloween…the results are below…

This is Halloween

As we move into the Toddler Two district we start to fade away from the Halloween theme for just a second as these Toddlers found an interest in all things that connect, and interlock.

They also dipped and dabbed into paint to create a very Fall inspired piece of art…

Last, but not least, we finish the tour with our Toddler One classroom where they too were saying, BOO!

They poured, they dumped, and they sorted!
They used their fine motor skills to transfer the eyeballs from one bowl to the next.
That has to tickle! Painting the feet to make spooky ghosts!

That is the end of the tour, but not the end of the show…there is still more as we had Yoga, music and French this week…

The above photos show the balance we had when Yoga came to visit.

Music with Rachelle was all about the lady who swallowed the….bat?

And then we had French Friday with Ms. S…

They have been learning different Halloween characters in French and here they are pointing and showing Ms. S they know their stuff!

The show and week has come to an end….which means the weekend is here! And it’s the last weekend of October…can you believe it?

Here’s a little something magical. Captured from a Chartwell parent…

Photo credit: R. Doolittle

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