Life is GOURD!

It’s that time of year again, when the children know the night of getting way too much candy is upon them. Yes, Halloween is still 11 days away, but here at The House the classrooms have been decorated to give all a fright, don’t be scared though, we are not suppose to bite. Skeletons, Frankenstein, witches and pumpkins hang from the ceiling, take over the walls, and cover the windows…this is Halloween, this is Halloween.

Before                                                                                 After

I told you we decorated. We may have gone over hill 😉

Now that you have seen the outside of the House, let’s move on to see the GUTS of the House…

You have seen the guts, let’s move on to see what the children of the House were up to…

We will start in the Kinder classroom, where they continued the Halloween theme by counting and working on number recognition while counting pumpkins, and using their fine-motor skills at the writing table when they stamped and stickered the paper using, “the spookiest Halloween stamps and stickers I have ever seen!”

They used the playdough to create scary-faces, they read and looked through Halloween and Autumn themed books, and crunched the leaves in the sensory bin using the dinosaur’s feet.

When they weren’t exploring or talking about Autumn or Halloween they were having a closer look into each other’s eyes. They have been interested in the colours of their friend’s eyes, and noticing we all have different coloured eyes. We will have to wait and SEE where this interest may take them…

We’ll move from Kinders, into the Preschool classroom where they threw us back into the good ol’ days of CDs – they used these loose parts, and created what they called, “a vortex of lava!” I am not sure what this entails, but it looks like this….see below.

They also focused on Halloween – decorating, creating and singing all things related to the spooky day.


Sorry to scare you mid-blog! But I wanted to warn you the next photos may be haunting…

After ghosting, they put their hands together to create spiders and stuck them in their web!

And nothing says Halloween like…PUMPKINS…


We all know Halloween FALLS in the month of October, which also brings Autumn and if you were to walk into the Toddler Two classroom you would see just that…all things Autumn.

Counting and sorting the pinecones.
They filled their sensory bin with different Fall items they collected while outside.
They took a closer look at the colours of the leaves.
And they used the leaves as inspiration as they painted…

The Toddler One classroom FALLowed suit, and stuck to the Autumn and Halloween themed week – while they painted Fall inspired paintings, practiced their counting and colours when sorting the leaves, and created skeleton bones using cotton swabs and glue.

“Leaves blowing in the wind”…can you see it?
Using our fine motor skills with the tongs to sort the different coloured leaves.
“them bones them bones, them crazy bones!”

Alongside all the decorating, we had a busy week with our extra curricular programs, starting the week off, was Suzie Sunshine…with one of our favourites!

We also had a bonus music program join us this week called, Music Together. A program that focuses on, “how the content and process of developmentally
appropriate music activities can support young children’s language and literacy skill


We discussed mindful movement, connecting emotions and feelings this week with Meditating Munchkins, and spread our love to Jack the turtle, while moving slow and steady just like him…


And last, but not least, we had our French Fridays with Ms. S, where we learnt a few new words relating to Halloween. It was…effrayant!

Halloween may still be 11 days away, but we are more than ready here at The House…as you saw. And…we are also ready to enjoy the season-high temperatures that are in the forecast for this weekend! Sliding into the weekend like…


Enjoy! 🙂

The Chartwell House


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