Autumn is here!


It is officially the first day of Autumn! Can you be’LEAVE it?

We have fallen out of Summer, and jumped right into the leaves of Fall. Today may mark the first day of pumpkin-spice everything being available, and fresh-crisp air season, however, it feels like the middle of Summer, as we are currently riding the waves of a gnarly heat wave! – with temperatures spiking to 28, and feeling more like 40 over the weekend…do we complain? In the words of Pete the Cat, “goodness NO!”

That’s right, we will keep on walking along, singing our song, because it is all good!

Now, let’s see what happened here at The House this week…

We’ll keep on walking right up the stairs and into our Toddler district, where we will start in the Toddler One room to see just what the youngest group got up to.

The Toddler Ones were working on their hand-eye coordination, and fine-motor skills this week while scooping, dumping, building, and popping. They were scooping in the sensory bin, using a pair of tongs to transfer the colourful sponges to one bucket to the next, or using their hands to dump the buckets, which of course is the best part especially when you dump them on the floor! They stacked the blocks, building towers one black at a time, and a fan favourite is when they get to pop each one of those bubbles on the bubble wrap. Once you pop….

From one Toddler class to the next, we may be in a different classroom, but we are seeing similar interests in the two classrooms. The Toddler Twos were also working on their fine-motor skills, while practicing using the tongs, and finding different items to transport from one area of the classroom to another.

Above photo: The Toddler Twos practicing using those tongs to transfer the rocks into the muffin trays, or using our pinchers to grasp the small blocks to transfer them from basket to muffin tray. 

As they were transporting items from A to B, they just so happened to catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirrors as they walked by, and they caught their own refection….which resulted in an interest of checking themselves out.

They played with old CDs (we remember these?) to see their refection, and then as they painted mirrors they were able to see their own faces, and a whole different angle of how the brush meets the canvas.

From using our fine-motors, to taking over the mirrors, we move down into the Preschool area, where it was all about moving to the music! With Suzie Sunshine returning after summer vacation on Monday, the Preschoolers were all about the music.

When they weren’t banging on their drums, they were exploring with magnets – seeing where the magnets would stick or not stick, they also used the letter magnets to work on their letter recognition. Along with letter recognition, they have been practicing their pincer-grasp working at the writing centre. They also participated in an ABC challenge, where they bravely stood in the middle of circle time one at a time, and sang the alphabet all by themselves to the rest of the class.

They have also been working on their numbers, not only with counting the days of the week, but they have been counting and recognizing numbers on the fish, and counting the frogs as they hop from one lily-pad to the next.

After counting the fish and the frogs, they too were attracted by a mirror as they looked a little bit closer at their emotions.

Looking at the different faces of emotions, they pointed and shared just how they were feeling, and then had a look in the mirror to practice that feeling.

To keep this ball of emotions rolling, let’s head on over to the Seniors of the House, where they, funny enough, were talking all about emotions. How they handle different emotions, what causes different emotions, and why they go through these emotions. Sometimes we may be sad, and to help us turn a frown upside down, is a friend. Not only have the Seniors been talking all about emotions, they also started talking about friendships, and what friendship means, and how to be a good friend. For example, a good friend can help another friend out when they are feeling sad. Another way to beat feeling sad, is playing with your friends, and discovering all that the Senior Preschool classroom has to offer…

Above photos: They’ve been busy building – using the blocks, using the screw-driver, and using the diggers in the sand in the sensory bin. 

Below photos: They have been working hard on their letter recognition. Working as a team to put the alphabet puzzle pieces together, using play-doh to form the letter shown on the card, and decorating the first letter of their names. 

When we weren’t in the classrooms, we were singing and dancing with Suzie Sunshine, and again with Rockin’ Rattles! We also welcomed back Meditating Munchkins, Monkeynastix, and our French Fridays with Ms. S! Busy, busy, busy!

Stay tuned for next week, when we welcome back Karate, Yoga and a very new music program…

Speaking of music….drum roll please….it’s the weekend! And that….is music to my ears!

Enjoy the heat wave! Stay cool.

The Chartwell House.


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