You would not guess that Autumn is only a week a way with the heat wave we have been riding this week – it has been a hot, hot, week here at the House, but yet we continue to keep our cool…


You know what else is cool? The fact that all these children are not afraid to pet a snake!  Animal Ambassadors returned after the summer vacation for their first visit back, and they did not disappoint. They brought in a yellow snake, a turtle, a hedgehog, a bearded dragon, a bunny, a guinea pig, a ferret, and a Leopard Gecko!

We welcomed back the Animals this week, and next week we are very excited to have Suzie Sunshine, Monkeynastix and Meditating Munchkins back!

When we weren’t braving the snake, we were in our classrooms learning all about…

For the Toddler Ones it was all about learning how to take turns – they were practicing to take turns to go up and down the classroom slide. They learnt the importance of taking turns, and how this kind act will help prevent any boo-boo from happening while having a blast on the slide.

One at a time during the climb. 

With a few new faces joining us in the Toddler One room, we started back to the basics, and started to learn each others names. Each having a chance to decorate their very own…

H is for…

Now that Toddler One has had their turn, let’s head over into Toddler Two where they  explored their senses and many different textures. They mixed different spices into the paint, to produce the best smelling art, they took a closer feel to rocks, and they painted bubble wrap to feel the bumps and grooves while they moved the brush over the bubbles.

Above photo: Using the spiced paint to create fresh-scent art!

Below photo: Exploring all the different textures through-out the classroom.

From Toddlers to Preschool we go, go go….

And how do we go? Well, this was discussed in Preschool this week while they talked and learnt all the different ways of transportation. From cars, to bikes, to walking, to flying…we are always on the move, especially in the Preschool room.


How do we go?

As a group, the Preschool class brainstormed different ways of transportation. They came up with the above on their own, and then discussed their favourite ways to transport from A to B.

They also worked on their letter recognition, spelling out the word C-A-R and practiced tracing the letters of the alphabet.



From transportation to exploring the classroom, we go to Preschool into the Senior Preschool room where it was all about exploring the different activities found through-out the classroom. With a few new faces in our Senior class as well, it was all about learning the different stations, what resources are available, what goes where, and the rules of the class…and most importantly they met Isabelle the classroom fairy who leaves letters for the class, and special instructions to follow through-out the school year.

Knock Knock….who’s there? Isabelle. Isabelle who?……Thought I was going to tell a joke? I will instead leave you with a cliff hanger…

Exploring all the different materials found through-out the classroom – from the scale, to open-ended art supplies, to sensory over load to painting pictures. The opportunities in the Senior class are endless, and the Seniors themselves are seeing just what they can get their hands on.

The heat wave continues and so I am heading out to ride the waves! The weekend is here and it’s suppose to be sunny and clear! So enjoy! 🙂 Until next week…

The Chartwell House.



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