This week we were on FIRE!

Last week we dove into Pond Life, and this week we lit on fire with all things CAMPING!

Caution: HOT.

It was an action packed week here at The House – we had a Yoga retreat, Camp Fire Songs with Ms. Melo, and to end the week we had Bert the Magician come in and show us his tricks.

We pretended we were at the beach while on the Yoga retreat – listening to sea shells, diving into the water, sitting in the sand, and riding the waves. Then after the beach, we put on our plaid and sat around the fire to listen to Ms. Melo sing the classic camp fire songs. A special THANK YOU goes out to Ms. Melo 🙂

Camp Chartwell 2017

Then came Bert with his Magic Show. Not only did he show his tricks, but he had the whole House in tears with his jokes too…including the teachers!

When we weren’t stretching, singing or watching magic happen, we were indoors working on all things camping.

We will start upstairs to see what the Toddlers of the House got up to during Camp Week…

They made handprint bon-fires. binoculars, and they roasted marshmallows!

They used the outdoors as their canvas.

We go from the Toddler district downstairs into the Preschool camp ground and we see…

The Preschoolers working on their letter and number recognition camp style.

Roasting, and gluing marshmallows.

Even painting with the ‘mallows. 

The Seniors of the House continued to keep the fire burning, and marshmallows roasting…see below just what they got up to.


They camped out…


Under the stairs…

By the fire.

They also took their snack outside, risking the chance to meet a bear…


BEAR? Oh my. DUCK! 

We are sad to leave Camp Chartwell, but the fun is not over! Next week we invite all of our Teddy’s to The House for a picnic as we move into TEDDY BEARS PICNIC week!

The fire may be out, but the weekend is just in. Enjoy 🙂

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