Dive in! It’s POND WEEK!

With the temperatures reaching INFERNO-like highs, we stayed cool by talking and learning all about ‘Pond Life.’ From frogs, turtles, ducks, to fish that shine gold, we covered them all this week here at The House.

To get the week started, and to get some knowledge on all things Ponds, the Preschool and Seniors went on a nature walk to the local watering hole…the POND!

And after a long journey through the woods, they joined the Toddlers and cooled off for WATER DAY!

Let’s JUMP in!

Above: The Toddlers of the House enjoying the Sprinkler, and all the puddles!

Below: Would have been photos of the Preschool and Senior Preschoolers having way too much fun in the Sprinkler, giving bike washes, painting the fence, and fishing, however, that was just it, we were all having way too much fun to snap photos! And so, let’s slide along, and dive into see what happened during Pond Week in the classrooms.

We will start upstairs in the Toddler district…

The Toddler One class got their hands messy when making frog handprints, and while dipping their fingers in yellow paint to make fireflies. And there’s nothing better than a drive-though pond…

Let’s leap frog over into Toddler Two where they have been busy talking about what living things can be found in water, and how important water is for all of us – which they continued to explore with Pond Life.

 Seen above is the artists at work, painting lily-pads, and flowers.

From Toddlers to Preschool, we can flow like a water fall down the stairs and into the Preschool room to find them working on…

…counting the frogs while working on our number recognition, spelling and sounding out P-O-N-D-L-I-F-E to help with our letter recognition, and the best part…bobbing for ducks. Maybe not bobbing because of the whole germ factor, but working with our fine motor skills while scooping up the ducks one at a time with a net. No ugly ducklings there, they all shine!

Now, let’s cross the pond (or parking lot, same same) and into the Senior Preschool classroom where you will find the elders of the House learning all about the life cycle of a frog, practicing their pincer-grasp while tracing the different pond-life words, working on their letter recognition with a matching game, feeding the hungry, hungry green frog, and getting their hands wet playing in their very own pond.

When we stepped out of the Pond Life, we were outside playing in the new sand, and helping plant and water our gardens.

We were also suppose to have a Picnic lunch outdoors to end the week, but when the heat turned up, we turned our classrooms into picnic areas instead.

We also welcomed, “Dan the Music Man,” to the House. Dan sang, played guitar, and brought two bubble machines that sent hundreds of bubbles into the air while we all danced along….including your teachers!

Now, if you thought the children were having fun…you were right! But the teachers of Chartwell….well, let’s have a look…

And on those notes…we will end into the weekend! 🙂

Enjoy yours!

-The Chartwell House





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